It’s Time to Return to the Mundane

I’m all for Christmas, but I’m ready to let it go and get back to a quieter routine.  Of course it would help if I got off top dead center, took down the tree and put the decorations away.  Maybe tomorrow.   For now, I’m done with college football, lists of celebrities who died in 2008, and other peoples’ resolutions.

To celebrate the end of the holidays, Devoted Spouse and I plan to go to the movies.  The kids are back in school and the afternoon showing of Twilight should be fairly empty.  Yes, I said Twilight and yes, Devoted Spouse is also going.  He knows it’s a chick flick aimed at the younger female set.  I enjoyed the book series and really want to see the movie.  Truth be told I think Devoted Spouse is going for the popcorn and the special effects.

To backtrack to the holidays for a moment, one of the little gifts I gave to myself was a set of 5 reusable grocery bags.  I’ve wanted to do this for some time now and these were so pretty I couldn’t pass them up, plus they were on sale at the time.  The only downside here is I keep forgetting to take these bags with me when I run to the grocery or even to Target.  Devoted Spouse finally took the bags and put them in my car yesterday so now I always have them available.

To show how tired I am from all the holiday hoopla, I decided Sunday evening to make some soup.  I have a new cookbook from Williams-Sonoma that has a lovely Tuscan soup recipe in it.  I gathered all the ingredients and started furiously chopping onions, carrots, shredding cabbage and opening up cans of chicken stock, tomato paste, rinsing and draining cannellini beans.  My mouth was watering as I sauteed onions and garlic.  Then I got to the part of the recipe that stated”  “Place ingredients in crockpot and cook on low for 8 hours.”  Crap on a crutch.

Guess what’s for dinner Monday night?


7 thoughts on “It’s Time to Return to the Mundane

  1. At least you are ready for tomorrow without having to do any other work. Hope it turns out good. The good thing about not having decorations up is there is nothing to take down. I like the bags, let me know how well they work.

    Hope you and DS enjoy the “chick flick.”
    Yup I’m ready – one day I’ll learn to fully read a recipe before starting! Taking down decorations is like drying dishes — I hate it. Cheers.

  2. Not that its because I am a proficient cook, but dearheart, always read a recipe in its entirety before you begin doing all that work. You are a “stitch” from cooking to going to see a “chick-flick”. I hope you have lots of fun at the movie. Oh, one more thing. DS was kind to put the bags in the car, but you know once you use them, then you must return them to the car or they will be in the house when you are at the store. I know he will work this out for you!! I hope you know I am just kidding with you!! Thank you always for bring that smile to my face. Frank
    Frank, You have no idea how hard it is to tell these stories about myself – but I know I’m not alone. And I did this same thing about 20 years ago — this time DS and I were doing a dry-run for a dinner party and we started cooking some Asian dish and got halfway through the recipe and discovered we had to marinate the meat overnight! You’d think I’d remember that and learn from it. What’s truly hysterical about this story is the cookbook is entitled Slow Cooking – well, duh! I’m Slow and I’m Cooking!!! I crack myself up sometimes…

  3. I love stuff that has too cook all day adn the housse smells incredibly during the whole time it is simmering. Sometimes I will even go outside and come back in again to experience the whole thing over and over again.
    I agree. When we first got to Belgium we lived in an apartment house with several Italian families. As Devoted Spouse would leave for work each morning, you could already smell the slowly simmering onions and garlic for the Italians noon meal. It was a yummy aroma even early in the morning.

  4. Hope your movie experience is better than mine! I am dreading going back to work tomorrow!
    Yeah, I felt bad for you. That’s why we’re waiting till kiddies are back in school and everyone else is back to work — that give us the theater. There are some definite advantages to being retired!

  5. I just finished reading the third book in the series and I am far from a young girl but I really liked them. I hope the movie isn’t disappointing. I loved the book “Memoirs of a Geisha” but hated the movie. Hope the soup is wonderful!
    Girlfriend get your butt to the theater before they stop running it – I enjoyed it immensely and even Devoted Spouse liked it. I didn’t think I’d like who they picked for Edward Cullen but I’m telling you he’s perfect in the role. See it and then we’ll dish. The next movie comes out in November 09. Can’t wait. I’m a sucker for vampires! 😀

  6. I have some reusable grocery bags too and I usually leave them at home when I go shopping as well. I have yet to refold them as neatly as they were when I bought them.

    Your soup sounds nice even if you do have to wait a little longer for it. One of the things I plan to do this year is cook more and microwave less.

    I Hope you enjoyed your movie.
    Funny you should mention the folding up part — I can’t get the hang of that either so I just wad them up and jam them in my purse!! Soup delish! Movie outstanding! What a good day we had!

  7. I have those bags, too. I put them in my car myself. Now, if I could just remember to take them INTO THE STORE!

    Soup sounds yummy!
    Carla go put those bags into your car right now!!! That’s the only way I remember. And then I walk into the store without them and have to go back to my car. It’s hard to change habits. The soup was outrageously delish!

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