– Shameless Plug

Not long ago my buddy Sheri at Angellviews talked about AlphaInventions and how it drove viewers to her site.  So I went to AlphaInventions and added my blog to their list.  Lo and behold within a couple of days the amount of folks reading my blog just skyrocketed.  AlphaInventions scrolls through blogs like poop through a goose and it’s a great way to get more interest in your blog and discover new blogging buddies.

I don’t make it a habit to recommend one site or another but I’m making an exception for AlphaInventions.  Go there.  Now.  Sign up.  Your stats will thank you.


7 thoughts on “ – Shameless Plug

  1. PS – I really like the “poop through a goose” thing! Never heard that one!
    I thought it summed up the rapidity of the process rather well!

  2. I’ve been hearing about AlphaInventions and went to check it out and discovered your blog that way. Yours’ caught my eye because of the bookish pages at the top – and ya gotta love the name too.
    I’m glad you stopped by to visit — you’d be surprised how many people don’t get the name. Oh well. I’ll stop by and see you, too. Cheers!

  3. I’ve seen my stats go up once due to that, but they stopped the next day. I’m gonna go sign up! Hopefully with my stats, my comments will rise too!
    That was my hope too, that I would find new blogging buddies and I’ve picked up a few comments but I don’t know that they will become blogrolled friends yet. I don’t want this to be some type of mega site with advertising — but I’d like more readers who become regulars.

  4. Oh by the way, can someone help me understand how to sign up? They’re intro kind of confused me.
    find one of their trackbacks in your stats page and click on that link – it will take you to the page they use as their scrolling blogroll — on the top is a bar that has where you can add your URL and sign up. Hope this helps.

  5. Hello again,

    Thank you for the recommendation I will have to sign up. I loved the picture of the smiling cat in your last post. It certainly made me smile.

    Happy new year (a little late though, sorry.)
    Happy new year to you too — I got such a kick out of that cat picture that I thought it summed up the smiling idea pretty well. I’ve been visiting your blog hoping you were still there! Glad to hear from you!

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