C’mon, Smile…Just a Little?

While strolling through my local Target today I noticed quite a few folks who weren’t exactly happy.  It started with the pharmacy tech who is just so unhappy with her job and the fact that Target has cut her hours it makes me unhappy when I visit.  On top of that I saw not one but three different couples who were in full sniping mode.  Kids were fussing at moms; moms were yelling at kids.  Jeesh, I was almost sorry I went out for a bit of retail therapy.   I kept smiling at people as I passed by and I got nothing.  Nothing.  No smiles,  just grumpiness.

I wondered why I encountered so much grumpiness.  One can always blame the economy and the fact that gas in our town shot up over 30 cents a gallon overnight (supply and demand my patootie).  That might have caused a tweak of the grump scale.

While in the grocery store I listened to the cashier complain to the guy bagging my groceries about how everyone takes a break and she is always left longer at the checkout.  Note to management:  time to counsel the employees on what not to discuss in front of customers.  Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Maybe it’s because the holidays have come to a close and now it’s time to take down the decorations and pay off those credit card bills.  If you listen to the news reports, retail sales were waaaaay down this year.  I’m thinking not too many families went deep into debt for Christmas this year with the potential for job downsizing hanging over their heads.   My area of the country is being hit very hard with the GM plant closing and DHL closing — thousands of jobs are just gone.  I guess that’s enough to make someone unhappy and grumpy.

But ya know what?  Crap happens.  That’s why those of us who always see the glass half full know to get up, dust off, and get back in the game.  Hey – I decided to retire and the economy tanked, Wall Street tanked, my retirement accounts and 401(k) accounts dwindled and I’m still smiling.   Okay, I’m not grinning like a Cheshire cat, but I can still find things to smile about.

I enjoy playing card games on my computer.  When a game isn’t going well, I have the option of hitting a reset button which replays that particular move and I get to make a different decision.  It’s the same thing with one’s attitude – if you’re being grumpy, hit your internal reset button and put a smile on your face instead.  Just the act of smiling will make you feel better.    And if you smile at me, then I’ll feel better, and so on, and so on…



6 thoughts on “C’mon, Smile…Just a Little?

  1. I agree with you.

    I feel like everyone is grumpy right now.

    I think compared to most of the world most of us have it pretty darn good.

    Happy New Year.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Maybe I’ll make that one of my “Improvements” or Resolutions … always smile at the people you meet. Who knows, your smile could make a difference in someone’s day, even if they didn’t smile back at you. Yep, I’ll put that on my list, too.
    I hate to dig deep into my hippie background – but it’s all about the love ya know? Just one smile at a time is all it takes.

  3. Amen! I had the exact same experience last night at my local Albertsons! Funny thing I went to Fiesta the night before and it was CRAZY, but at least people seemed to be smiling. My brothers and I used to play a game to see how many people we could get to smile at us in the store or on the car ride! We should start playing that again! 🙂
    Good idea! It’s so simple and it really works!

  4. Smiling is great; and amazingly it benefits the receiver AND the giver!!!
    I love card games; do you ever play hearts?
    H and I have a game on the computer where you play with life like opponents(how they do it is beyond understanding…lol)
    He ALWAYS, “undoes”, receiving the queen of hearts(which is a bad card, giving one huge points)
    THEN he tried to do this in a REAL game..lolololol!
    I love hearts – but I’m a sore loser, as soon as I “get” the Queen, I quit the game and start again! Right now I’m hooked on rummy 500 and I normally play against a dinosaur named Marvin. Go figure. I need for school to start so I can stop these mindless computer games!

  5. Thankfully, I have been totally lazy this week and haven’t poked my nose out of the house. I hate to say it but I could be one of the crazy internet people that never leave the house and do everything online. The older I get the less patience with people I have in the outside world. Plus running into that many negative people would have bummed me out for the rest of the day.

    Suck it up people and deal with it, what’s gonna happen is gonna happen and you do what you need to to get by. Ok, rant over.
    And a fine rant it was! 😀

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