To Resolve or Not To Resolve

I told myself I wasn’t going to make New Year’s Resolutions, and truly I’m not.  Resolutions never work — I resolve and then I cave.  So what is the point in writing out a lofty goal when I know I’ll never get to the halfway point of the goal let alone reach the goal?  What a load of crap.

What I’m going to do here at the end of this year is consider ways to enrich my life in the coming year…ways in which what I do may cause some good and help not only me, but maybe also Devoted Spouse, the trusty canine companion EmmaLou, or any one else whose life touches my own.  Bear with me here as I wax eloquently on not resolutions or goals so much as potential improvements.

Improvement No. 1:  It might improve the lives of many women were I not to make fun of those who wear holiday attire.  I have been known to sport a lovely pair of jeweled poinsettia earrings  at Christmas time and rather enjoyed them.  While I don’t go in for sweaters with pictures of elves and such, I shall no longer make disparaging remarks about those who do enjoy that type of clothing.  I say let these ladies have fun in their Santa cardigans…what possible harm can it be?  Few people make fun of those pseudo-Irish who wear ridiculous green outfits on St. Patrick’s Day…so let’s lay off the ladies in their Santa sweaters.

Improvement No. 2:  It would improve my health tremendously to give up eating red meat.  There, I’ve said it.  Now I must follow through and never let a burger darken my doorstep again.  While I’m not quite ready to totally embrace tofu yet, I will take little baby improvement steps food-wise.  Today toss the burgers; tomorrow buy soy milk.  This will also improve the health of Devoted Spouse but I doubt it will do much for his disposition.

Improvement No. 3:  I’m going to make a concerted effort to widen my circle of friends by joining some type of club or group, be it reading, sewing, or another venture at church.  Touching others improves and enriches us all.  I think I’ll leave EmmaLou at home, though.  What she touches she normally eats.

Improvement No. 4:  The credit card companies make far too much money off interest rate charges and it would be an improvement to my bottom line if I were to pay for items in cash more often than with a credit card.  So Mr. Discover Card is going into hibernation for awhile.  Rebates be damned.  Yes, this will tend to put a crimp in my online shopping forays and I will have to get used to a different routine. will simply have to get along without me.

Improvement No. 5:  Because I adore her and wish to improve the chances of her enjoying a long, long, doggie life, I will make an effort to take EmmaLou the Golden Destroyer out on more walks and more trips to the nature center she loves to explore.   Then again, given her destructive history, she’s mighty lucky she’s lived this long.  Improvement No. 5 may be negotiable.

Improvement No. 6:  In an effort to boost the economy, I vow to buy and drink more wine in the coming year.  This will improve my heart (or so I’m told), and since I enjoy a glass of wine, it will improve my mood and that, in turn, will improve the quality of life for Devoted Spouse, and well, it’s just a good idea all around.

I think that’s enough improvement for the New Year.   See?   Painless.  Nothing resolved, nothing to be broken.  Simple.

8 thoughts on “To Resolve or Not To Resolve

  1. I LOVE this idea of “improvements” I think I may adopt it! 🙂
    works for me — resolutions are usually unrealistic – you just are setting yourself up for failure. Improvements aren’t as final so who cares if you don’t carry them out? Yeah, I like this. Happy New Year!

  2. I gave up on resolutions many years ago cause I just don’t have the commitment ability since they are always about stopping negative things in your life, like overeating, not exercising, etc. I prefer your improvements as well. I want to be less grouchy…sorta. I want to read more, got lots of books stacked up waiting for me. I just want to love life in general more. Oh and spend time with my blogging buddies as well.
    I dunno, being grouchy has its benefits…the older I become the more I want to pack every moment with something memorable and sometimes it’s okay to simply goof off. Happy New Year D!

  3. Linda, stop by my place – I have something for you to start your new year off to a good start.
    okey dokey

  4. Improvements! What a wonderful idea! I’d post my improvements but that might as well be written as a book! Happy 2009 my dear friend!
    And what’s wrong with a book??!! My improvements are in volumes! Happy New Year to you too, sweetie, and I wish for you a year of wonderful experiences and sweet surprises!

  5. Love the “improvements”. I think I shall adopt a few myself.
    yup improvements I can do; resolutions not so much!

  6. My only resolution is to spend more time visiting my blogging buddies.
    I get neglectful I think!
    Good for you, cutting out red meat!
    You will miss it for a while then not at all(IMHO)
    Tofu is BEST marinated and in a stir fry or in something like spaghetti sauce(anything with LOTS of flavour)
    Aww Emma Lou will LOVE the #5 resolution!
    Maybe she will be so worn out from those excursions that she won’t be so much a destroyer?
    I like your resolution. I wanna steak. Whine, whine. Tofu is best buried deep below the earth where it can’t hurt anyone. 😀

  7. I loved the improvements too but I especially plan on embracing #6. 🙂 Good luck.
    You’ll be happy to hear I’m doing especially well on #6 both last night and this evening. It’s an excellent improvement and I only wish I had realized I needed improvement in this area sooner!

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