Hey! Where’d 2008 Go?

I used to laugh at elderly folk who continually said banal things such as “Where does the time go?” or “My, how this year has flown by!”   Suddenly I am that elderly folk…okay, not so much elderly; more like heading toward my golden years at the speed of light… Anyway, over the past few months, conversations I have had with various people have contained at least one reference to the fact we are rapidly approaching 2009.

So, why has this year gone by so fast?  Probably because I’ve fiddle-farted it away.  I’m good at that.  Really.   I can start a project and 3 hours later I’ve left that project for 6 other projects and haven’t gotten anything completed or accomplished.  Too busy fiddle-farting.  I only wish I could be paid for this because I seem to truly have a knack for it. Plus it would be a great conversation starter — when someone asks you what you do for a living imagine the fun of being able to reply, “I’m a fiddle-farter.”  Sounds like fun to me.

See?  There I go fiddle-farting around again.  I was talking about where this year went.  It’s not like I had a tremendous amount of stuff I had to accomplish; no job; no responsibilities to speak of; no-one to take care of but Devoted Spouse and EmmaLou the Golden Destroyer and at least one of them is self-cleaning.  Oh I took a couple of courses in my pursuit of higher education and I read a ton of books; I did some volunteer work at church, took a couple of trips with Devoted Spouse and communed with nature, tried to become a birdwatcher until I came to the realization that it’s just boring so now I have a $300 set of binoculars I use to spy on the crazy Chinese guy who lives behind me,  and I spent an unholy amount of time in the blogosphere.   That about sums up my year.

I don’t know much about the physics of time and space but I do know the other day it was June and now it’s the end of December and I think I’ll email Stephen Hawking and ask him to explain it to me.   I’m sorry, where was I?  Oh yeah, this year is almost over; I can put it behind me and hope that 2009 brings some of my retirement fund back and that the value of my house rises at least enough for me to consider putting it on the market and moving south, and that the man some of us elected to the Presidency is actually up to the job because he’s got his work cut out for him!

Hmmm…where does the time go?   This year certainly has flown by!


9 thoughts on “Hey! Where’d 2008 Go?

  1. Trying to catch up on your blog, but don’t have time to read it all tonight! Dang, I hate when I am out of touch for so long. I do agree with you, where did 2008 go? I’m always nostalgic at this time every year. I don’t like that time is passing so fast, but I try to be excited about the future. Oh, and happy birthday! I skimmed a few of your posts and saw the one about your birthday – will read in depth later. My birthday is tomorrow, so I know all about having a birthday sandwiched in between the holidays, but I’ve never minded. It just means my party lasts longer than everyone else’s!
    Hey Carla – Happy Birthday! Glad you’re back.

  2. This year did fly by didn’t it? I’m hoping for a better 2009 for everyone.

    Higher education is good, spying on the crazy neighbor is better.
    I think we’re all looking forward to a better year, one in which I win the lottery, lose 20 lbs and figure out how to keep my houseplants alive.

  3. Oh my goodness! Fiddle-fart – that’s a new one for me. I will have to nonchalantly slip it into conversation with my three grown kids today and won’t they be impressed?!?! In our family we know waddle-fart…My mother-in-law is the queen of those. You know where you are walking in public with her and it sounds like a machine gun going off and everyone within 50 yards takes cover. She continues walking oblivious to the mayhem she has caused all around!
    Happy New Year and God Bless!!!!
    Good grief – let’s not get confused here…fiddle-fart is a state of mind, not a body function! Happy New Year to you too Cheryl!

  4. Me again – standing at the dryer folding clothes I realized I totally left out how our family segwayed from my m-i-l’s actions to “waddle-fart” becoming a catch all phrase for our family. Everything from “Don’t be such a waddle-fart” to “I think I’ll just waddle-fart today” ( goof off).
    Well I’m off to create my own blog….I’m thinking of calling it “Guess the parts of the story that Cheryl forgets to include”!
    Blessings in ’09.
    I think I’ll stick to fiddle vs waddle! I can’t wait to see your new blog – let me know when you are up and running so I can add you to my blogroll! I wish you and your family a blessed ’09, too! Cheers.

  5. Crone and Bear it: what a truly delightful way to spend a bit of time … with you! Cheryl S., sounds like you have a pretty nice mother-in-law, or you could not have written with such good humor. I like that. Sounds like the kind I’d like to have had.
    Hey Mary – glad to be part of your day!

  6. Hey Girl Friend! I totally agree that this year has flown by. Of course, when we were right in the middle of the election I thought Nov. would never get here. I had to laugh when you used “fiddle-fart” because I use that term all the time and my little grandkids will laugh and say “Nana said fart.”
    Let’s hope that 2009 will bring us lots of new and fun things to do.
    (Oh yeah, MLS is my little sister and she is the one who got me started on this blogging addiction.)
    Hey swee’pea – it is an addiction, isn’t it? I’m so stuck on this blogging stuff…now if I could just make some money from it…must be nice to have a lil sis — I have no family except Devoted Spouse – that’s why I love my blogging buddies – they’re like extended family to me. 2009 is gonna be our year, you wait and see. Cheers!

  7. Every year I get older and the time flies faster. By the time I’m 70 (if I make it) the year will be about a month long since one seems to drop off every so often. My year sounds about as thrilling as yours as well. I don’t think I could do the bird watching thing either though I do love to go fishing.
    See, I thought because I love to fish I would enjoy birdwatching — but it’s not the same; fishing is fun and relaxing; birdwatching hurts my neck and by the time I look up the stupid bird in the book, he’s flown into some other tree making me crane (pun intended) my neck some more, and it’s just not worth it.

  8. Wait, are you saying that fiddle-farting through life is not what we are supposed to be doing? Are we supposed to be solving the problems of the economy, wars, climate change, poverty, and education? No one’s called me to find out my solutions, so I guess I can go back to fiddle-farting.
    Oh my, daaaahlink, don’t you know that’s how fiddle-farting came about in the first place? Only a great problem solver can be a master fiddle-farter.

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