Tallying Up the Loot

I enjoy getting ready for Christmas. I also enjoy when it’s all over and the loot can be stored in its appropriate cubby (doggie toy box), put on (woo-hoo new hoodies), added to other stacks of loot (books), hidden in the closet (new slippers to replace the ones EmmaLou chewed to smithereens), or re-gifted (shhhhh don’t tell).

This year Devoted Spouse and I had lots of fun opening up our gifts and helping the resident Golden Destroyer open hers. What did we get…I know you’re anxious to find out!

I made a killing in the goodies department. My number one best gift was my new Walther P22 pistol and a box of ammo — can’t wait to get out on the shooting range!


I also got boxes of ammo for the 38 I like to shoot. I was very proud of Devoted Spouse for not giving in to the temptation to buy the pink pistol — that’s right, weapons now come in patronizing pink just for the ladies. Gah. It’s bad enough the guy at the phone store talked me into the pink phone (hate it); I’ll be danged if I’m going to the shooting range packin’ a pink pistol. They’d laugh me right off the property!  Yes, that little note attached to the gun is a reminder to first read all the safety instructions before shooting gun.  Duh.

One of our funnier Christmas morning moments came when Devoted Spouse opened one of his presents. I’ve spoken before of Devoted Spouse in his recliner in the family room. He’s comfy there but the family room tends to be chilly and he’s always looking for a blanket or lap quilt to help him keep warm. I happened to spy an electric lap blanket one day while cruzin’ my local Target and snapped it up for him. As he opened up the gift Christmas morn and realized what it was, he had a big grin on his face. He took it out of its plastic case and I helped him to unwrap the blanket and get the cord and controls all straightened out. Imagine the hilarity which ensued as I read aloud the tag attached to the blanket: “Do not give to a helpless person.” We both stopped dead in our tracks for a moment then burst into hilarious laughter. I handed over the blanket to Devoted Spouse but warned him I was watching for signs of helplessness. I would love to be on the committee that writes those instructions for various household items.

EmmaLou’s favorite present was a new plush duck toy to replace the one she ate recently.  As you can see by the picture below this duck was such a big hit with her that within the first 5 minutes she had chewed off part of its tail — Poor Donald is now in the toy hospital in triage awaiting a duck surgeon.

001-10Monday will find us out spending some of our gift cards; Devoted Spouse at Sears; me at Barnes and Noble.   Just think…only 361 more days to Christmas…

5 thoughts on “Tallying Up the Loot

  1. I crack up that you are a gun toting wild woman. Never would of thunk it. Glad to hear you didn’t get a pink gun though, that would have been very bad. I got one of those blankets last year from our son and take it with us on the road. Some of those motels out in the boonies don’t get very warm and it has saved me a couple of times. Sounds like EmmaLou needs more actual “chew” toys so she would hopefully not chew up the toy, toys. Glad you all had a good Christmas!
    Yeah, it surprises many people – I’m such a clutz and a goofball and then I slap on my NRA ball cap and shoot the crap out of the targets – yeah, baby, I’m bad. Devoted Spouse and a girlfriend of mine from church want me to go take the training so I can get my concealed carry permit — but there’s alot (and I mean alot – like 150 rounds) of ammunition loading involved and I have serious arthritis issues in my thumbs which make it difficult for me to load my own clips (Devoted Spouse usually helps) – so we’ll see. Now, wait a minute…WHY does the idea crack you up so much? Hmmmmm?

  2. I know that my wife would be an excellent marksman…er…marksperson? She just wont do it. I bought her a nice .22 Beretta…it is so smooth, but she will not touch it.

    It is the perfect weapon to have on me…but I’d have to hit someone with it to do any damage.
    I know – a 22 has to be shot very close and then you better be accurate coz you’re only going to get one chance or else you’ll just piss him off alot! But they’re fun to use for target practice.

  3. Any husband that will buy you a gun for Christmas must have complete confidence that you will not shoot him with said gun. I’m just saying…Haha! JR would never be worried because I’d shoot myself first. It’s a klutz thing.
    I’m sometimes surprised myself because I am so klutzy – someday I’ll tell the story of the first time I was left alone with a gun.

  4. Hi! I came over from my sister’s blog because she always talks about you (it’s all good) and I wanted to see for myself. LOL @ the pink gun! I had no idea they came in pink but I’m with you and wouldn’t want one.

    I bought my son a Walther something or other (he picked it out and I just ordered it) and now I think I might want one too. The world might not be safe though……so I’ve got to give it a lot of thought. 🙂
    Howdy! Glad you stopped by – okay, I’m gonna guess your sister is SteppinThru? Yes, No? Hey on the pink guns – they also make pink rifles -we saw them at the NRA convention earlier this year and I just freaked at the possibility that Devoted Spouse might think I wanted one. Ick. I like my Walther but it’s only a lil ole 22 and if you want something for defense that’s not it. You’d probably do more damage hitting someone up the side of the head with the barrel than to actually shoot them with a 22 – For defensive damage I like Devoted Spouse’s 40 caliber Glock (it’s also the favorite caliber of the cops these days) – oh well, enough about guns. Thanks for visiting my humble blog abode!

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