Ho Ho Ho…I Mean, Ha Ha Ha

There are two types of people in the world; those who like the Three Stooges and those of us who have better taste.  I love slapstick comedy but I have never found the Three Stooges to be funny; their antics don’t make me laugh.  They bore me.  I will roll on the floor at Harpo Marx and when Abbott and Costello met the Mummy, I couldn’t catch my breath from guffawing so much.  But nyuk, nyuk, nyuk just leaves me yawning.  Different strokes.

Devoted Spouse also likes his humor in silly form.  We’ve watched Bill Murray in What About Bob? multiple times because he’s hysterically funny to us. When he’s at the dinner table making the yummy sounds over the fried chicken, well I just have to keep rewinding and watching it over and over.  It’s funny.

DS also likes jokes.  Not practical jokes; never practical jokes; he likes jokes he reads online from various joke websites.  I can be sitting in my comfy chair reading a book and I’ll hear peals of laughter coming from the family room.  The laughter starts as a chuckle, then giggling, outright laughing, then that kind of hysterical laughing where you’re sucking in air and laughing at the same time and you choke with laughter.  That’s how worked up he gets over jokes.  Me, not so much.  Reading something funny rarely makes me laugh.  I might smile or even chuckle, but belly-laugh?  Nah.  Devoted Spouse takes joke-laughing to a new level.  Here’s one that had him in hysterics yesterday…What’s the worst part about a lung transplant?  The first couple of times you cough, it’s not your phlegm.   Now, I don’t think that’s particularly funny; actually, I don’t see any humor in it at all.  Devoted Spouse about tossed his own lung laughing.

That’s what’s so great about humor — there are many different types to satisfy all those who wish to enjoy.  So, go find something that makes you laugh; it’s good for you.


3 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho…I Mean, Ha Ha Ha

  1. I think the Three Stooges are funny the first time you see them…then it is over.

    What About Bob is such a riot. They cast that movie perfectly and I laugh whenever I see Bill Murray in anything!
    I love that he called his fish Gill — that’s so funny! Bill Murray has a wonderful face and such perfect comic timing – I like him in just about everything except Groundhog Day – I wanted to stab myself in my eyes after about the thousandth time he woke up to the same day. Groan.

  2. Coach and I were alone on Christmas Eve so we went to see “Four Christmases” or whatever the correct title is. We had some really good belly laughs in there and, surprisingly, there were several other lonely couples there. It was fun and kept me from having a pity party. I like that kind of silly humor but agree with you about the Stooges.
    I heard that movie was good and silly – I’ll wait for the CD release.

  3. I never was much for the Stooges but I loved Abbott and Costello as well. The one thing that we can’t get enough of is Jeff Dunham who is a ventriloquist. We have watched him since his start over 20 years ago and his act makes us laugh every time. Hubby can’t watch Walter without laughing so hard he chokes. If you have never seen him, check him out on his website or YouTube.
    We saw him at one of our local comedy clubs several years ago and loved his act – he’s very talented! (and cute, too)

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