Another Award!

My friend Merri gave me a lovely award:


It’s  an award CREDIT card, which is a Blogging Friends Forever and the expiration date is  o4/3V3R (Forever, get it?) What a lovely surprise this is – it comes with a meme.  I’m not very good at memes but I’ll give this a try.  I have to come up with 10 things I love starting with the letter C.  Here goes:

1.  Canines — particularly EmmaLou the Golden Destroyer.  She is the light of my life regardless of the amount of damage she causes on a regular basis.  Take the dog from the movie Marley and Me, and multiply his nonsense by about 40% and you have EmmaLou, Destructo Dog Divine.

2.  Crabs — not the contagious buggers, the lovely blue crabs that come from the Chesapeake Bay — fried up as crabcakes with barely a hint of filler and lots of Old Bay Seasoning or  boiled and cracked over an old wood table covered in newspaper.   I was crackin’ crabs before I could barely walk.  Yum-squared.  Unfortunately you can’t get good crab meat in Ohio and if you think the crud you buy at Red Lobster is good, you’ve never tasted the real thing.

3.  Cats — don’t tell EmmaLou, but I love the kitties, too.  I’ve had two cats in my life and I miss both of them terribly.  I wish I could teach EmmaLou how to purr.  One of these days the family will include another cat — but not yet.

4.  Cookbooks – I collect them and have all the Southern Living cookbooks back to 1983 (the year I got married).  I rarely use them – but I read them voraciously.  For Christmas this year Devoted Spouse gave me a Williams-Sonoma cookbook  and I’ve already devoured it page by page.  Love cookbooks!

5.  Comedies — the sillier the better.  I love slapstick and anything that’s stupid is guaranteed to make me laugh.  Yesterday Devoted Spouse and I watched Hitch with Will Smith and even though I’ve seen it before, I was falling on the floor laughing.  I truly love old John Candy films, Chevy Chase, the Marx Brothers, Abbott and Costello flicks, Mel Brooks, Monty Python, Chris Farley, Gilbert Gottfried…you get the idea; I’m one of the few people I know who loves Dumb and Dumber.

6.  China —  not the country; the dishes.  I’m slowing down on my avid china collecting — I used to have at least 10 sets of dishes – for all occasions and some just for the heck of it because I liked the pattern.  It’s an expensive habit I picked up while we lived in Europe  and one I’m slowly giving up.  But you can still find me at the china department of Macy’s perusing the stock.  I refuse to give up my wedding china nor will I get rid of the English ironstone Christmas china.  And give up my vintage Canton ware?  No.  But I won’t be adding any new patterns any time soon, I promise.

7.  Cosmetics — I’m such a girl.  I love to walk the make-up aisles at Target and look at the newest colors in eye shadow or lipstick.  I buy more than I should and I have the baskets full of pencils and powders in the bathroom closet to prove it.   Nothing is more fun to me than spending a morning at Sephora trying on all the goodies!

8.  Cookies ‘n Cream ice cream — One of my downfalls and something I try not to indulge in very often as sugar is not our friend you know!  But, oh is it ever good!  When I absolutely must eat my way to happiness, this is what I choose.

9.  Crafts — I think I suffer from some type of arrested development in arts and crafts stemming from a childhood devoid of art projects.  The stepmonster got me started on cross-stitch and I still enjoy that craft.  I love to paint and only wish I had some talent and the time to pursue it seriously.  I can’t sew worth a dang but I enjoy trying.  I made the living room curtains — hey, how badly can you screw up sheers?  Okay, so the seams aren’t the most even — who’s looking anyway?  I have thousands of rubber stamps for my card-making ventures and my cupboards in my crap craft room are chocked full of various yarns and needles for knitting.  I can’t knit.  But that’s another story for another posting.

10.  Cottage Cheese — I eat the stuff for breakfast and mix it with jelly or jam.  It’s a sickness of mine.  I’m totally addicted to cottage cheese.

Okay – I did it — 10 things beginning with the letter C that I love.  Whew!  No more memes for awhile please – this takes too much brain power!


4 thoughts on “Another Award!

  1. Cottage Cheese….EWWWWW!!!!!

    No one really loves that crap! You must have really been desperate for “C’s”
    Nope — I love cottage cheese – love it!!!!! There were plenty of other “C’s” I could have picked, such as Cherry Coke, cadillacs, Civil War battlefields or chenille robes. Can’t help it — I love cottage cheese.

  2. GREAT answers Linda!!
    I adore cookbooks, cats , cosmetics and china too!
    I was looking through that Williams Sonoma cookbook at Costco…it looked great!
    But I pass at cottage cheese…not sure why.

    that’s okay, cottage cheese is only for true connoisseurs — oops, another “C” 😀

  3. Linda, that post was wonderfully written and enlightens us further about you and your world. I think you would be a hoot to go shopping with and let me say this cause I sew very well–sheers are one of the hardest, because of the fabric, to sew perfectly. They slip and slide. I collect china also. Lots of sets and I love them all. take care, Frank
    Frank you are so gracious — I puckered the seams because I was in a hurry and pulled the sheers through the sewing machine — I am sorely lacking in patience. I had so much fun collecting china in Europe — when we were there the dollar was strong so I got soooo many goodies at such a low price…majolica, Wedgwood, English ironstone, Villeroy & Boch –all kinds of goodies that I now am thinking about putting up for sale on eBay as I don’t have the room or the entertainment needs any more. But it was a fun collection to acquire. Sigh…

  4. The more I read your blog, the more I think I’d like you as a next door neighbor. Unless, your beloved Emmy Lou and Destructo Dog Devine are outside dogs and bark overmuch. I’m a little short of patience in that department. You have to be a fun person to know.
    Well, gosh Mary, what a sweet thing to say — I’d love to be your neighbor – and EmmaLou and Destructo Dog Divine are one and the same – and she is not a barker — that’s one of the few good traits she has; she’s quiet. Thanks for being my blogging buddy!

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