You Say It’s Your Birthday…Well, It’s My Birthday, Too Yeah!

Yes, today is my birthday – the day after Christmas. A day when many are suffering commercially-induced buying comas and the residual effects of one too many eggnogs. That’s my day.

Devoted Spouse learned many years ago that I don’t think it’s cute to receive birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas paper or a card wishing me a combined Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday. He goes out of his way to ensure my special day is just that…special. He makes breakfast for me, brews my favorite coffee, surprises me with wonderful presents (what other lady gets ammunition wrapped in lovely birthday paper with color-coordinating bows?), and prepares me for a day of total pampering. In other words, he makes my birthdays memorable and so much fun. Thank you, DS.

I normally take a few moments on my birthday to reflect on my past year. This past year was one of electronic frustration for me.

I once prided myself on my ability to understand instructions and put things together. We went wireless last year but this year we had some router troubles. I have difficulty with the instructions for electronic stuff. Devoted Spouse and I used to work with an IT guy who we now rely on to come to the house and help us with our electronic emergencies. Without Mike, I’d be lost – and heaven help us when we move south, I’m going to have to simply haul his butt with me to ensure I have a laptop that works. Pitiful.

Cell phones are another example of my electronic ineptitude. I have had the same cell phone for about 2 years now – it works fine for what I need. About 6 months ago I finally figured out how to use the camera. Now if I could just successfully download a ringtone I like, life would be good. I don’t understand the instructions.

We had a VCR way back when they first came out and it was so much fun being able to pop a videotape in the machine and watch a movie. The instruction booklet was in three languages. Thank goodness I read Spanish because I sure as heck couldn’t understand it in English. VCRs became obsolete and the world went to CD and DVD. We got a DVD player with an instruction booklet that took me a week to digest. Then the DVD player stopped playing DVD’s. Devoted Spouse and I went to Circuit City and invested in a DVR – one of those machines where you can put a DVD in and watch a movie or you can also record something from tv onto the DVD. I thought that was the end of it but I was wrong. Now all I see and hear is Blu-Ray and high definition, and the anxiety of reading about more electronics is giving me a sweat mustache.

I thought of requesting a Kindle for my birthday — that’s Amazon’s answer to reading books electronically and it looks like a pretty neat gadget. But, that would mean I’d now have to electronically read instructions to figure out how to work another electronic gadget and that just makes my head hurt.

As far as I’m concerned, the future can’t come soon enough. I want that chip placed in my arm or my neck or my toe or wherever it will eventually go to spare me reading any more instruction booklets.


6 thoughts on “You Say It’s Your Birthday…Well, It’s My Birthday, Too Yeah!

  1. Happy Birthday! I love what your Devoted Spouse do for you on your special day. Enjoy it!
    Thank you! He’s like that every day and I’m a spoiled rotten princess. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    My grown kids are so proud of me because they finally got me to start texting them… only takes me on average 20 minutes to compose a two line message…….! I have deep deep issues with incorrect punctuation and abbreviated words!
    We must be related somewhere down the line – I am a grammar-addict and I also have trouble abbreviating words – so, I don’t text!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    We’re gonna have a good time!
    Thanks, Michele – doncha just love their birthday rendition? That tune’s been in my head for days now! Cheers!

  4. Oh my goodness, another Dec. birthday victim! At least you have DS trained correctly. My Hubby still (after 34yrs) hasn’t gotten the point that we Dec. people get ripped off in the gift department. Since mine is the 8th, he seems to think it’s far enough away from Christmas to not matter…nope. I keep threatening to move my birthday celebration to Feb. or March to avoid the hassle. I hate having a Dec. birthday.

    Well have a very, very special and happy day! You deserve it. Give DS an extra big hug for being such a great guy.
    thanks D – yeah Dec birthdays are difficult – my dad wanted to bequeath me his birthday (July 31st) in his will but that was a little creepy for me. You’re right about DS – he rocks!

  5. Happy Birthday Wonderful Lady! Wishing you a year filled with peace, joy and easy to ready instructions.
    thank you sweetie!

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