How Did You Know? Just What I Wanted!

I’ve shared Christmas Past memories and also blogged about Christmas Present.   Let’s take a moment to discuss the difference between what men sometimes give as gifts and what we ladies really want.  For example…

Some years ago I decided I wanted to sell Real Estate.  While learning on the job, one of the tips I received was to get my very own toolbox and store it in the trunk of my car since you never know when you’ll need a screwdriver or hammer or some such tool while hosting an Open House.

Enter the Christmas Season.  For weeks prior to Christmas I would hear Devoted Spouse humming and giggling to himself.  I knew he was planning something, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what was up his sleeve.

Fast forward to Christmas morning…many, many presents are under the tree.   Devoted Spouse is hopping around excited as a Christmas elf.   I open a present and to my surprise (and delight) it is a toolbox.  What a thoughtful gift and something I definitely needed.   Devoted Spouse kept grinning from ear to ear.   Why?   Because the next 10 presents I opened up were tools…he had wrapped individual tools for my toolbox.   Every package I ripped into was another screwdriver…hammer…nails…wrench…(insert name of Craftsman tool here).

He was so proud of this.    I knew it had to be a guy-thing and I had a difficult time showing more glee as I kept opening up tool after tool.  It took a long time for me to finally get the guts to explain where Devoted Spouse went wrong and why he should have stopped at a few tools and then added in some typical girly smell-good presents.

It hurt his feelings even though I tried to be gentle and explain why it was a good idea on paper only.   To this day I still feel guilty for my reaction, but let’s face it, I just couldn’t get that excited over yet another screwdriver for the toolbox.  I’m such an ungrateful wench.

Devoted Spouse still has great ideas for Christmas gifts,  but I doubt he’ll ever go the toolbox route again.  I’m grateful he’s not one to give toasters and mixers for my Christmas gifts, either.   He knows better as he remembers when we spent Christmas with some friends we had known in Belgium.  For her main present the husband got her a food dehydrator.  The wife was furious — and the husband was so pleased with himself for thinking of a dehydrator as a gift — to him it was perfect; to her it stunk.

Experience has taught us both to leave serious Christmas gift hints — spell it out and add pictures and links to websites if necessary.   That way I don’t get tools, and he doesn’t get underwear.   And heaven forbid either one of us gets a karaoke machine for Christmas!


6 thoughts on “How Did You Know? Just What I Wanted!

  1. Maybe filling the tool box with tools…then wrapping it. would have been good. I do it with scrapbooking stuff. I buy her one container type thing and then just fill it with stuff. It is like a second stocking.
    if only DS could have consulted you…oh well, it’s how we learn…

  2. My ex-husband once got me solar lights for our driveway for Christmas. I know for a fact that he wanted them himself. Needless to say it wasn’t the best gift he ever got me. He has since smartened up and even after our divorce has gotten me some great presents.

    I’ll be curious to see what Devoted Spouse gets you this year. Hopefully it won’t be a jig saw.
    Yep, solar lights are pretty bad. DS is smiling and giggling again. Now I’m excited, too! Merry Christmas Joan!

  3. Hubby never gets to forget the Christmas he gave me….a ceiling fan. Yep, that was my “big” gift, the one he spent the most on. I sat there and stared at it…and then stared at him. He finally got the feeling he had missed the mark a bit with that one. He does better now or asks me right out what I want.
    Everyone say, Ooooh, Ahhhh. We all have these war stories! Merry Christmas D!

  4. Linda, do you still have the tools or does DS have them now to use? I think that would have been a very boring gift to open……..that’s something like you should give on any common day of the week just to give!! Well I’m sure you are a good trainer!!
    I believe they have been incorporated into his tool haven. He thought he was doing a good thing, so I can’t fault him too much. He knows better now, though! Merry Christmas Frank!

  5. If you don’t tell them what you want you better be prepared to get…….a meat thermometer! Horror!
    If Devoted Spouse ever gave me a meat thermometer — well, he’d best hope he’s well-done! Merry Christmas!

  6. One of my clients, just this morning, showed me a JCPenney commercial on the internet on just this topic. It was about men who gave their wives the “wrong” gifts (thighmasters, vacuums, etc.) and ended up in the dog house and it was hilarious! Really shined a light on how clueless men can be sometimes. I’ll have to see if I can find it. Merry Christmas to you as well, Linda, and that Devoted Spouse of yours and the furry child!
    Thighmasters are grounds for divorce!

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