Need a Little Christmas Right This Very Minute

You turn your back for one moment and what happens?  Golden Destructo maims another piece of holiday finery.  The pic below is of a lovely handmade piece and shows that EmmaLou has a penchant for chewing off things that stick out (as in ears on a fuzzy toy) or things that are ‘pointy’.  Fortunately, I can repair the damage, mostly.  But it shows what she can do in the blink of an eye.   One minute she was on the couch watching tv w/Devoted Spouse, the next she was beside the kitchen table wreaking havoc with my table decorations.


I think she’s just so excited about her upcoming birthday (Tues) that she couldn’t help herself – she had to chew something.   Today we’re making special cupcakes for her big day – okay, we’re making cupcakes because Devoted Spouse and I want cupcakes; EmmaLou has nothing to do with it.   But, she will get to enjoy a cupcake on her special day.

Here’s our Christmas tree – or at least most of it – I had a hard time getting a picture because of how the tree is situated this year – it’s in my dining room corner and I didn’t want to get too much furniture in the shot.   I’m not the world’s best photographer – and what you don’t see in this pic thankfully is the wrapping paper mess that is still on my dining room table.


We’re pretty much ready for Santa to arrive.   It’s a busy time here – two birthdays and Christmas all in the same week.   We are supposed to get a little snow tomorrow but I don’t think we’re having a white Christmas this year and I can live with that.

I’m not sure if I’m anticipating more what Santa might bring, or about what’s next on EmmaLou’s Christmas list of household items to destroy.


10 thoughts on “Need a Little Christmas Right This Very Minute

  1. Aww, come on. Give a girl a break. Some of those decorations look delicious! I’ve sampled a few myself. Tell Emma Merry Christmas for me. Visit me at and enjoy my Christmas post, “Claus and the Consultant.”
    We’ll be sure and visit — EmmaLou says Merry Christmas right back atcha Sandy! But watch out for those decorations!

  2. We’ve been lucky. Nessa and Tripper have no real interest in the decorations. It’s all about the ball for Nessa.
    I have the rooms connecting to the dining room blocked by baby gates – that’s how much I don’t trust this dog! The tree is about the only safe thing in the house at the moment!

  3. Awww, Well yesterday my dog, Patches started opening some of the presents! She LOVES presents and opens them herself! So, I know what EmmaLou is going through! 🙂
    Happy Early BDAY To you! 🙂
    Thanks, sweetie — EmmaLou loves to open presents early – This morning I was cramming a new stuffed duck toy into a box to wrap it and it squeaked. She came flying in to the dining room and ran into the babygate trying to see what was squeaking – so funny! Well, back to my rum-filled eggnog – woo-hoo!!

  4. My cats prefer to climb the tree. They have been good so far this year. I think it’s because they are getting old.

    Your tree is beautiful. I haven’t even started wrapping. I should turn the computer off and just do it. I keep procrastinating.
    When we had a cat, we had to anchor the tree to the wall with fishing line otherwise Benjamin would climb up and pull it right over. EmmaLou would never think to get in the tree – she’s much more interested in what she can grab and chew – like the ornaments or the presents – so this year I have the whole area baby-gated to keep Miss Nosey out! You still have plenty of time girl – Christmas is still a couple of days away. (I mention that because I’m not done completely done wrapping yet, either – have one or two more little things to wrap up.)

  5. Hubby wrapped everything yesterday so we are as done as we can be. Marvin can’t stay out of the gifts and keeps knocking them over to check them out. Freddie could care less thank God.

    I have got some sort of stomach yuck which we are hoping is over tomorrow so we can head for KCMO but if not I told Pop and Son to go without me. Terrible, terrible timing but it has happened before. I just can’t picture a 3.5 – 4 hour trip with a yucky tummy and don’t want to spread this “joy” around. Praying for a 24 hr bug.

    Enjoy the last few before the big day. Love and hugs to EmmaLou for her birthday!

    Sweetie, I’m so sorry you have the tummy crud – you get better right now, no more sickness allowed! Loved all the pics – you find the cutest pictures! I’m saying a prayer you get to go to KC. Hugs!

  6. This years tree must have something on it that has discouraged our cat, Pete, from climbing up in it. He used to be in the tree and when I would walk too close to the tree he would stick a paw out and swipe at me. Scared the pee out of me a couple of times.
    Your tree looks wonderful!
    Hope the birthdays are fun and that you are all well.
    That EmmaLou is a mess!
    A paw coming out of the tree would scare the pee outta me, too! I’m looking forward to my birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant and EmmaLou is looking forward to her birthday cupcakes. You’re right EmmaLou is a mess and a half! Cheers!

  7. Gosh, EmmaLou must be under stress………she is such a beautiful pet that I can’t imagine she chewed on that!!! I think she has cabin fever–maybe she needs a vacation!!

    The tree is splendid, Linda, I’m so happy you let us see it. Have a good time with Emma and enjoy those precious moments!! Hugs Frank
    yes, she is under stress Frank…her cotton low-level light came on so she was forced to chew on my decoration!!! She doesn’t have cabin fever; she has Christmas envy. Be well – Hugs back atcha sweetie!

  8. The tree looks like one big chew toy…how do you keep the tree and the Destroyer apart?

    It looks very nice.
    The secret is baby gates blocking all entrances to the dining room – she can stand and gaze longingly but she can’t get near it — oh she could jump the gates, but that hasn’t occurred to her fortunately. Decorate the tree w/Milkbones and she’d hurtle those gates in a heartbeat!

  9. I love your tree. It’s very homey and colorful. I wouldn’t mind hanging out in it, like my new kitty has been doing in ours . . .

    But what’s with the spider web ornament??

    Merry Christmas,
    Merry Christmas to you, too! Thanks for stopping by. The spider web is from a Ukranian folk tale and close up it’s quite pretty — no, I don’t like spiders, but I like ornaments that are one of a kind.

  10. I know how you feel! Our psycho dog has decided that he likes chewing on red candles and I wake up one morning to find a trail of red wax and a chewed up candle laying next to a chair. Atleast he hasn’t gone for the tree.

    Speaking of trees, you have an absolutely beautiful tree!
    OMG candle wax? EmmaLou hasn’t discovered candles yet and I hope she never does! I love decorating the tree – I wish I could leave it up all year it’s so full of memories. Have a great Christmas!

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