Updates and Whatevers

I try to take Sundays off from the blogging world and pretty much the world itself.  But since I’m sitting here in front of this silly laptop I might as well take a few moments to chat.

Grades are in (in case you didn’t check the Seminary Buzz page) and I got an A in my Old Testament course.  That’s 3 courses done, and 9 more left.  My, my what was I thinking?

My friend solved the cat dilemma.  He is now the proud papa to not one but two 6-month old Snowshoe Siamese kittens – yes, I will be taking care of 2 cats whenever he is traveling.   Big responsibility.  The hardest part for me will be resisting the urge to simply bring them over to my house and keep them!  They are gorgeous little guys, cream colored coats, dark mittens and ears, and big beautiful blue eyes.  Love ’em.  Want ’em.  Oops, oh yeah, EmmaLou.  Cancel that cat order… I’m proud of him for not buying from a breeder but adopting these two guys instead.

Did you ever find yourself in the midst of a conversation that wasn’t actually directed to you but because you were in such close proximity you became a part of the conversation?   And, was that conversation about a body part that was a bit oddly shaped?   And was that conversation taking place in the vestibule of your church?   And was the person discussing, no, make that exhibiting (somewhat), the body part in question one of your pastors?  Well, that was my morning Sunday.  I was greeting and handing out church bulletins whilst being pulled into a discussion of big toes that are, well, big.  My goofball pastor, Scott, slipped off one of his big boy size humongous slip-ons to show a sock-clad long, skinny foot with a big, big toe.  I couldn’t make this up if I tried.  What’s truly disturbing about all of this is that for the life of me I can’t forget this.  I have so many other things on my mind and then out of nowhere  Scott and his toe intrude on my brain.   Now I don’t mean to make disparaging remarks about my clergy — and as clergy go, Scott is not quite Rick Warren superstar status, but he’s certainly popular around our neck of the woods, he’s no slouch in the theology department and he can give a good sermon/lesson when he’s not in rock-star mode.   He also has a very engaging smile.  But, after today’s toe discussion, I’m thinking I’m going to have a hard time giving him the attention he deserves when he gets up on that stage to talk to me about God things.  The big toe is going to get in the way.  I guess I should be thankful we were only discussing toes.

It’s about 8 degrees here so I’m going to go add another layer of clothing and see if EmmaLou and Devoted Spouse want to get cozy on the couch with me in a big old puppy pile.   Cheers.


One thought on “Updates and Whatevers

  1. I am so glad to hear your friend got Siamese Kitties. For years they were the only kind of cats we had and they are wonderful, intelligent, loving and stare at you with those beautiful eyes. It just killed me when we lost our mommy Siamese. Son as the papa (he wouldn’t part with him when he moved out and the cat is almost 20 now) and daughter took one of the babies with her who is still alive and about 18 and still going strong. He is going to be both blessed and cursed with them growing up but he should enjoy every moment with them. Lucky guy!
    I agree – I went to see them at the adoption center and they are gorgeous – I’m excited for him – plus, I get to visit them and take care of them when he’s traveling.

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