That’s the Christmas Spirit

It is that wonderful time of year — snow,  jingle bells, Christmas cards, egg nog, presents under the tree, dogs wearing reindeer antlers, and people driving on the roads like little bats out of you-know-where.

I was on my way to the hairdresser today and as I was entering the highway a black SUV was also entering, but the difference between the two of us was I had the right of way and she had a yield sign.  Do you think that made a difference?   Nope.  In fact this lady must have a completely different understanding of the word “yield” than I because when she got close to the yield sign, regardless of the fact I was right there, she gunned that baby for all it was worth and demanded I let her in front of me.   So what did I do?   I let her in.   She was obviously in a tremendous hurry and must have been responding to some type of holiday crisis as she had a cell phone pasted to her ear and seemed to be yelling and had a pained expression on her face.  Or maybe she dropped a cigarette in her crotch, I don’t know.   At any rate, I let her go ahead of me.  Why?  Because I have Christmas spirit.   I wanted to beat the crap out of her with a big tire iron, but because I have that Christmas spirit I simply drove away.  Okay, I still hope she gets ashes in her stocking Christmas morning.

On the flip side, this morning as I was driving out of  our driveway, the trash man was actually bringing our big green trash can back up the driveway to where Devoted Spouse was standing.   He didn’t have to do that; he has lots of other trash cans to empty, but he has the Christmas spirit.   As I watched that I wondered if he would have a merry Christmas this year, and as he drove away I followed him, got out of my car and pressed a twenty dollar bill into his hand and wished him a Merry Christmas.  His face lit up.   Now we both had the Christmas spirit.

I’m on my way out to do some more last minute shopping.  You see, Devoted Spouse came in a little while ago and announced the number of presents has increased a little and if you read yesterday’s posting you know I can’t have an unequal amount of gifts under the tree — so I’m off to hit the aisles of Target for a few more little goodies.  Along the way I will spread some more Christmas spirit where I can.  Maybe I’ll look for a Salvation Army kettle I can drop some change into.  A little Christmas spirit here; a little Christmas spirit there; it all adds up and we should all spread it around liberally.

Except for the lady in the black SUV.  Just stay out of her way.  I bet she doesn’t even have a chimney.


11 thoughts on “That’s the Christmas Spirit

  1. That definitely shows that even around the Holidays, kindness is all around us. If someone at the store is in front of me but seems to be taking forever, I don’t impatient. They’ll apologize and with a smile I’ll say, “No, it’s okay. Take your time!” because we all get all panicked at this time of the year. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of kindness left on this earth (certainly not in my city!) but your blog shows that some still exist. That made me feel warm and fuzzy!
    It is my feeling that when one person does something nice, the recipient in turn will do something nice and it just mushrooms — it’s something to do with the good feeling you get when you help someone. It’s really quite addictive.

  2. Better to let them through and live to tell the story and not have to deal with an accident on top of all of the other Holiday issues.
    Absolutely! I figured if she was in that much of a hurry who was I to slow her down? I’m wondering if she made it where she was headed without further vehicular interruptus?

  3. I like your sentiments, but personally I think you should have followed her and when she parked wherever the “emergency” was located, you could have left the tire iron on the hood of her SUV with a big bow on it. Then you would have passed on some Christmas spirit to her more effectively then letting her in: I could have beaten you senseless, but Merry Christmas to you instead.
    I like how you think! Whipping out a little pistol and waving it at her while grinning insanely was tempting, too. (just kidding)

  4. We got out and finished shopping yesterday and the traffic was insane. Totally happy when our car hit the driveway and we were out of that mess.

    Are you sure now that your present count is exactly a 1:1 ratio? Hate for you to have to go back out again. Are you sure DS isn’t messing with you and has a stash of gifts that he is just pulling out one at a time to see what you’ll do? or just to drive you bonkers? Sounds like something wicked I would do just to have some fun.
    Please don’t give him any ideas. I did another recount and we seem to be even for the time being but with the way my memory works lately there’s no telling what else I may have hidden in this house! Your comment reminds me of a good Christmas Past story I need to tell soon.

  5. I nearly got mown down on a pelican crossing yesterday, I gave the driver my best glare but I don’t think he saw it. Made me feel better though. But I am sure the nice people far outway the nasty ones…….Merry Christmas.

    p.s. my dog doesn’t wear antlers but looks so cute with his tinsel collar.
    I agree with you that there are fewer Scrooges than happy elves! Merry Christmas to you, too!

  6. This is my third Christmas in the south, and I have to say what the south lacks in snow it makes up for in Christmas spirit. Even the people waiting in line at the post office are on board letting the elderly people to the front of the line. I love this time of year!
    I remember a Christmas I spent in Florida and I encountered the same thing — lots of holiday spirit while we all ran around in shorts and tee shirts! Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Yikes about the lady.
    I guess we should assume that she is more tormented and stressed than we can imagine.
    Going Postal is the next step!
    Good for YOU in letting her go, maybe she will remember this kindness..
    That is nice about the garbage guy….they often get overlooked…and he sounds like he really deserved it!
    Well either she remembers or she plows into somebody else on the highway. I usually miss the garbage guy so I was happy I could catch him – he seemed so surprised and wow, what a smile I got!

  8. You really have to stop. Unequal is okay. Yes, the economy can really use your purchasing power but there is a limit. It is nice that you can float some money to the people that help you out….garbage man, mail person, etc. The lady that cut you off, not so much! LOL!.

    I did my share of helping out the economy today. JR did way over the limit. When ask what he spent he wouldn’t give me a definitive answer. I really have to stop letting him out by himself. No self control.
    This started one year when Devoted Spouse had waaaay more gifts than I did and he felt so bad about it – so now I count them and at least try and get close – it doesn’t have to be even, I’m just joking around – besides, I’ve been known to re-wrap after they’re opened and do it all over again! I like to help wherever and whenever I can, not so much now that neither one of us is working and our retirement funds are dwindling away thanks to the economy, but I still try.

  9. Way to go! So glad that you have the Christmas Spirit and are playing it forward. I’m sure that garbage collector went home and told his family about the nice lady he met today. We should all try to have that Christmas Spirit everyday but sadly we soon fall back into our old habits. I think I’ll try to do one nice thing today for someone completely unsuspecting. Love your blog.
    It’s all about the love – spread it around. Random acts of kindness lead to more random acts of kindness. Sweetie, I love your blog, too!

  10. maybe she will get a lump of coal in her stocking….I am thinking that would be best…or reindeer poop…that is always good too! 🙂
    I’m liking the reindeer poop! Or EmmaLou would be happy to deliver some Golden Destroyer poop, she’ll even wear the reindeer antlers!

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