Here Kitty, Kitty

My friend is in the market for a feline companion. He has his heart set on a Himalayan as he had one before and really likes that breed. I have searched online; he has searched online, at shelters and all the local cat breeders to no avail. I keep telling him somewhere out there is the perfect kitty for him and to be patient.

My friend tells me some disturbing stories of the breeders in the area he has visited. One wouldn’t let him see where the cats were kept (in a basement) and he was suspicious of that. Another changed his appointment because she had to bathe and shave the cat — that was a big red flag right there. Why would she have to shave the cat? Obviously because she wasn’t grooming it properly — Himalayans are long-haired and require regular brushing. Then after he agreed to a later date, she called him to tell him she had promised this cat to someone else first.

We talked about other breeds of long haired cats — I’ve always heard wonderful stories of a breed called Ragdoll. We both looked up Ragdoll breeders and were absolutely stunned at the prices these cats can command. I went to one site and looked at pictures — yes, the cats are lovely, but these people want upwards of $1900. for one of these cats. The day I give someone $1900. for a cat is the day I expect Devoted Spouse to have me committed.

I have had two cats during my adult life — the first was an adorable little gray gal that I named Punkin. We were together for 16 years and there were times I thought she wouldn’t make it to the next day. Oh it wasn’t that she was sick or anything — she was just the kitty equivalent of today’s EmmaLou the Golden Destroyer. Punkin was at times manic. I’d come home and find her hanging upside down by her claws on one of my living room drapes. Once she literally ate the drawstring off a robe — yeah that was an expensive vet bill! And then there was the day I had baked a cake to take into the office. Imagine my surprise as I walked into my kitchen and there was Punkin walking across the cake. She almost went to meet Jesus that day, believe me!

Recently I spent about 12 years with an adorable tuxedo cat I named Benjamin. Benjamin came into our lives as a companion to Devoted Spouse who had been laid off his job and was feeling kind of blue. I thought the arrival of this teeny little black and white kitty would cheer him up. Benjamin was a good cat except when he missed the cat box (note to me: no more cats). He tried. Toward the latter part of his life he developed serious heart problems and had to be taken care of by a cat cardiologist. No, I’m not kidding — the cat had his own cardiologist. She put him on special medicine to which he had a rather phenomenal reaction — even though he was neutered, this medicine acted like kitty Viagra and it was most disturbing when I would wake up around 2 am to the cat humping my leg. Even with this condition, Benjamin was a sweet cat and I miss him every day.

Now my life has been enriched with the addition of EmmaLou, regardless of how much of my home she has destroyed. Once again, I can’t imagine life without my fur-child.

So the search continues. I feel bad for my friend; I understand how much he wants to share his life with a pet. I also know that any pet would be lucky to have this nice man as its caretaker. He loves animals and will be a wonderful fur-child dad. I hope soon that he finds a sweet little Himalayan cat to call his own. In the meantime, maybe he’d like to foster EmmaLou?


7 thoughts on “Here Kitty, Kitty

  1. another great breed of cats are Maine Coon Cats, see mine under Boston on my page. He is like a dog and has long hair! They are very loyal cats and need a lot of attention…will follow you from room to room and LOVE attention! 🙂
    I think Maine Coon cats are so lovely, but my friend simply has his heart set on a Himalayan! So, we just keep searching. One of these days I hope he finds just the right little guy to bring home. 🙂

  2. What a delightful blog! Talk about being ruled by a cat. At this very moment, Penny, my now-beginning-to-show-signs-of-age calico is pawing, or trying to paw my cheek. She is hungry and won’t let up until I …. O K both Penny and Musette, my half Persian are now happily eating and I’m free to continue. I do enjoy sharing your everyday life via your writing.
    I’m afraid I have always been ruled by my pets. I’m just a sucker for a little cold wet nose. So today I took a stroll down memory lane about my cats because of my friend’s search. I do love cats, but I’m afraid to introduce one into the household where EmmaLou rules the roost. She might think it’s a new chew toy!!

  3. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, sorry to have taken so long to reply – I really must log on more often. I hope your friend finds a cat soon, I would love one to but my dog has strict rules about that sort of thing. Quite a coincidence you should mention Benjamin had his own cardiologist, my dog too has aheart condition. Its quite a job to get them to swallow their pills isn’t it. As I sit here typing this he is snoring loudly on the sofa so they don’t appear to have given him more energy.

    Thank you again, take care.
    I think my dog, EmmaLou, might have other ideas too. EmmaLou was just a puppy while Benjamin the cat was still alive and she was so rough with him – like he was her personal play toy. So even though she’s 5 years old now, I think adding a cat to the household is a bad idea. Thanks for stoppy by – Merry Christmas!

  4. I always had Siamese cats until my last one passed away. My son has a Maine Coon and he is a hoot! I know your friend is stuck on a breed but the Maine Coon would be perfect. He should check them out.
    I’m going to suggest that — he also likes Siberians and Savannah cats. I never heard of either — looked them up online and holey moley these people want $800 for some of these cats. Man, that’s alot of money for a pet in my opinion! Glad I’m not looking for a cat — then again, I’d just take a plain old shelter kitty.

  5. I have a Ragdoll and he is absolutely the most wonderful pet I have ever had. He has his moments of tremendous tenderness, such as at bedtime when he wants to be loved on and petted, and his moments when he doesn’t want you to even look at him. My grandkids love him and he came to us by accident. He was given to my granddaughter and her dog was afraid of him so he came to live with us. Now we live with him as he rules the household. I would highly recommend a Ragdoll.
    I would love a Ragdoll but for cryin’ out loud I’d need a second mortgage to be able to afford one! There’s a breeder in Minn advertising pet-quality Ragdolls for $900 and if you want them for breeding, good gravy you’re looking at around $1500 and up. Not on my watch.

  6. Try
    There’s all kinds of info on this site and you can list cats and dogs by breed, where you are located etc. I had a Himalayan years ago that I got from an animal shelter.
    Good luck!
    I’m sorry but I don’t see a site link – thanks for the effort, though. I’m trying to get my friend to accept something other than an expensive “breeder” cat because there are so many in shelters that need homes. Thanks for stopping by!

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