Anybody Seen the Green Ribbon?

This morning I decided to get myself in gear and wrap Devoted Spouse’s Christmas gifts. I thoroughly enjoy this task because it gives me an opportunity to be creative and have some fun with the gift wrapping. I use lots of ornaments and ribbons to help mask the fact that I’m not the best wrapper — my edges are rarely neat and even. I couldn’t find an appropriately sized box for one gift so I pretty much crammed it into one of those gift bags and hid the top with lots of colored tissue paper — and I warned Devoted Spouse not to even think about touching that one before Christmas! I have to add in here that Devoted Spouse is about the best gift wrapper I have ever known — his edges are so crisp and he never gets those annoying paper bulges I encounter when I wrap. What a guy!

This year I only have a couple of complaints in the gift wrapping arena — one is those obnoxious little stickers that retailers liberally paste all over items telling you they are 10% off or 20% off or whatever. I hate those stickers because they are so difficult to peel off without harming what is underneath. Grrrrr.

I must mention, too, I’m not real successful with scotch tape. Seems more than once I get a piece of it cut, then go to put it on the present only to get it stuck in the wrong place and when trying to peel it off the present I rip the crap out of the whole thing and have to start again. I’m sure that never happens to any of you.

Let’s talk about those pre-made gift boxes you can pick up at Target. I always need shirt-size or something like that to put presents in so the recipient can’t feel the gift underneath the paper; just the box. This year I picked up several sizes at Target and this morning when I tried to put them together I found that they have changed the texture and weight of the boxes. These boxes used to be made out of something like cardboard, but now they’re very flimsy and don’t hold together well. And let me warn you right now, it may say on the box that it is sized for a robe, but that’s a lie (unless you are wrapping a robe for a Barbie doll). So beware of box sizes. Note to Devoted Spouse: No, you are not getting a robe; that was just an example. Gah.

Wrapping Christmas is still a fun time for me. Of course, we all know the REALLY fun part is when you get to rip into that wrapping paper! C’mon Christmas!!


6 thoughts on “Anybody Seen the Green Ribbon?

  1. I love it … C’mon Christmas! That’s the spirit I’d like to prevail everywhere. Because I am a great believer in families being home on Christmas, which makes my son-in-law who lives some three to four hours driving distance from my house, and who looks forward to spending Christmas afternoon watching football in his own home, think I’m even more the world’s greatest mother-in-law than I already, I’m looking forward to Christmas. Looking forward to reading about your Christmas later on. Have a Very Merry Christmas.
    I love Christmas, Mary – I enjoy all aspects – shopping (a little more frugally this year), decorating, Christmas music, the cold nip in the air, egg nog, special recipes I use only on Christmas Day, presents — all of it. I think that’s because as I was growing up, Christmas was something my dysfunctional family did only because they had to. My stepmother tried to make it fun but she was Scandinavian and her family celebrated on Christmas Eve — that was hard for a kid who would then get up Christmas morning and all the excitement was already over. But I digress. 🙂 I enjoy both the religious and secular parts of the holiday and look forward to serving at church Christmas eve, then coming home to bake up a big batch of monkey bread for Christmas morning! Like a 6-year old, I just can’t wait! Merry Christmas to you, too, my friend!!

  2. Linda, My mother wrapped presents like you. She was forever getting the tape in the wrong place and nothing would stay shut. When we were younger she used a ton of colorful string that you don’t even see these days. I, like your Devoted Spouse, wrap so neatly and the bows and the whistles sometimes used to cost be a fortune, but at the end of it all the most important thing is the giving and I used to lose track of that in my need to make it spectacular!

    I love your posts cause’ then I smile. Thanks Linda–
    Oh Frank, I would have loved your mom! I used to use the elasticized glittery ribbon, but I realized it was just a shortcut for me so I went back to the old-fashioned ribbon and the thousands of pieces of scotch tape I need to make it stay there! Devoted Spouse knows that my presents may not be “designer” pretty, but they are wrapped with love! My specialty is smiles…so don’t go far! Hugs to you!

  3. I cannot wrap to save my life and they always look awful! I cheat and use gift bags and everyone knows not to peek in them at all. I never really enjoyed wrapping gifts. I shop, Hubby wraps, that’s the deal we have had for the last twenty years. I only have to wrap his, he does everyone else. Now my daughter loves to wrap and she is very good at it. She also uses enough tape on one present to have done three or four others but she remembers when she used to sneak a peek at the gifts and re-tape them so she makes sure that no one can do that with her gifts.
    isn’t it funny how we all have our own little way of doing this?

  4. I used to be so great at wrapping gifts and now I’m all thumbs! Yep, disguising with ribbons and bows works well. I think part of the problem is that flimsy paper. At least, that’s what I’d like to think. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    yeah, it’s the flimsy paper — I’ll stick with that one, too! Thanks for coming to see me!

  5. Yeah, someone else who has wrapping paper dyslexia syndrome. I am horrible at wrapping. And not only have I had all the same issues as you, Linda, here is another one that I am sure you have run into: Not cutting the paper the right size. Then you have to cut another sliver and tape the ends that don’t match up to the sliver in the middle. Looks just wonderful! I always tell people not to look at the bottom of their presents. I’m sure I would have the same problem with cross-stitch. My mom always had backs that looked as nice as the fronts. Mine would have threads running every which way.
    omg we were separated at birth!!! I always have problems with cutting the paper wrong and trying to sneak in extra paper at the ends – I just didn’t want to put that embarrassing moment in this post, but since I’m not alone, I’ll own up to it! What a hoot! Oh, and BTW, on the cross stitch projects I give away…I always cover the back part coz I still use knots!

  6. I, myself, am not a very talented gift-wrapper. As I was wrapping my sister’s birthday gift this past week, I came to a realization: I am worse than Santa’s worst elf! A piece of tape got stuck on the wrong part, so I ripped a small edge. And when I went to wrap the paper around the box, an edge on the box tore a hole the size on Texas through the paper. Exasperated, I balled up the paper and threw it across the room. 30 minutes later, I tried again and succeeded. It wasn’t perfect but it worked. I know how you feel!
    Girl, I think we need to find a support group!!! 😀

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