I’ll Challenge That

I watched (with heart-wrenching dismay) Sunday’s football game between the Washington Redskins (my hometown team) and the Cincinnati Bengals (one of the teams from the state I now call home). Cincinnati has had a miserable year and that doesn’t upset me because, frankly, I have a hard time getting behind any team that wears tiger stripes on their uniforms and lives in a city whose name is hard to spell. I was fairly convinced that Washington would come in and just wipe the field with these lil tiger-wannabes. Was I ever wrong.

You might think the worst part of the game was that Washington looked stupid and lost the game. You, too, would be wrong. The worst part of the game was the Coach-thrown red flag challenges. These challenges really irk me and the more I watched this happening, the more irked I became.

I wasn’t irked because any particular Coach threw a challenge flag on the field. Both of them did this, and both of them had valid reasons at the time (even though I don’t approve of sports do-overs). What irked me was I don’t have a red flag that I, too, can throw when I am faced by someone with an attitude or decision falling short of my expectations. I can’t count how many times in my life being able to throw down a red flag and challenge someone would have been (and still be) helpful. C’mon, you know I’m onto something here.

Perhaps I would still be working at a job I once enjoyed had I been allowed to throw a red flag at my nutcase customer when she made an inappropriate sarcastic comment or hurled an unfounded accusation at me. I might not have re-gained 10 pounds of the 30 I lost had I been able to throw a red flag at friends and well-meaning family members who put goodies in my face (okay, or at myself for indulging in those goodies). There’s someone at church who really gets under my skin and a timely toss of a red flag would be so rewarding. And think of the money I could save if I were able to toss that red-flag challenge in front of EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer, just as she was about to take a bite out of yet another piece of furniture I can’t afford to replace.

Why not use our red-flag challenges with our government? $70 billion bailout — red-flag challenge…stop and take another look. Mr. Obama claiming he didn’t speak with the Illinois governor? Red-flag challenge — let’s look at the replay please. Snarky cashier at Target? Red-flag challenge right in their little red bulls-eye symbol.

I can think of many more uses for a red flag but I’d rather hear some from you. How would you use your red flag?


4 thoughts on “I’ll Challenge That

  1. Great post! I used to get upset at results of football games too, but I’ve gotten over it. Check out my posting called “My Life as a Football Fan” at my blog if you’re interested.
    Thanks for visiting my little spot on the blogosphere – come back anytime! 🙂

  2. I think everyone should have a flag, we can figure out the appropriate color, for whenever during our day we can call a foul. Heck, let’s figure out how to run one out when driving so we can signal, politely, when some one has been a real idiot.
    I like your suggestions!

  3. My red flags would all be thrown at our local politicians here for building huge complexed at intersections that cannot handle the traffic and too close to overcrowded on and off ramps. Their need for tax revenue has given them poor judgement over the years…and we are suffering daily.

    We finally ousted our mayor this year….
    We have a city commission that’s been in developers’ pockets for the last 15 years no matter who leaves and who is voted in, the result is always the same — my taxes go up and I get nothing in return except more franchised restaurants and patio home developments! Grrrrr.

  4. In spite of being quite content to live here in Port St. Lucie, I’d like to have several red flags to throw at the city’s original designers. Except for a few side streets, this is a city without sidewalks! Children walk and ride their bikes on the main roads, many of them heavily traveled two-lane traffic, with nothing but the painted line to the right for safety. That gives them less than six inches of space over which a driver is not supposed to trespass. Absolutely no bike paths. It’s that, or walk and ride their bikes on the grass
    Hi Mary – excellent use of the red flag! We moved about 6 years ago from a neighborhood that had no sidewalks and no streetlights. We had at first thought it was quaint and quiet – but quickly realized how dangerous it was for the kids and some of us adults, too!

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