The Grinch, er, Golden Retriever, Who Stole Christmas

When you were a kid did you spend hours hunting through the house looking for hidden Christmas presents?  I did.  I got quite good at finding them, too.  Then the stepmonster got smart and started locking them up.  Bah Humbug. 

This morning Devoted Spouse and I were getting ready to go out to breakfast so House Cleaner Extraordinaire could have free reign in the clutter places we call home.  DS remarked to me as I was entering the bedroom that trusty canine companion had gotten under the bed (where the Christmas presents are hidden, shhhh don’t tell Devoted Spouse his are there, too!) and he had found her chewing on a plastic bag.  I quickly went over to the gift stash and sure enough, she had her fangs on one of her bags – I quickly grabbed it and put it in the closet, first showing Devoted Spouse the nice rubber bone that was still in the bag. 

Later in the day I heard the unmistakable squeak of a doggie furry toy…but Rocky Racoon went to heaven a few weeks ago, and Crusader Rabbit had also gone on to his higher power,  and the new replacement fuzzy rabbit was upstairs under the bed awaiting Christmas. 

I was wrong.  Little miss smart-pup had taken the new fuzzy rabbit out of the plastic bag and hidden it and left me the rubber bone.  We couldn’t believe how sneaky she was about it.  What was I to do?  I let her have Crusader Rabbit II and we had a good laugh.  Of course, that’s the last time I hide a dog toy under the bed!  Now if I catch Devoted Spouse crawling under the bed, I may not be as generous!

Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers

5 thoughts on “The Grinch, er, Golden Retriever, Who Stole Christmas

  1. Way to go EmmaLou! We went through this with the kids. One year our daughter and son opened the end of the wrapped packages and they taped them back up. Not very well of course and that’s how we found out about it. Kids (and dogs, obviously) can be sneaky little buggers.
    I didn’t have the heart to scold her; she wouldn’t have understood the issue and she was sooooo pleased with herself! Lil stinker!

  2. EmmaLou is one smart pup! I used to hide the kids presents at my parents house to keep the kids away from them. Now they are all in the spare bedroom that no one ever goes into.
    she’s smart alright. I don’t know where Devoted Spouse hides my gifts – I’m afraid to go into his man-cave territory!

  3. Oh, but EmmaLou is so cute–now go out and buy her some more. Wasn’t her fault she found them–bad Mommie!! You are a stitch!
    Devoted Spouse thinks EmmaLou and I are in cahoots – so she can get more goodies! Never fear, Santa has been alerted!! 😀

  4. Awww EmmaLou DOES look SO pleased with herself; who could be!

    YES she now deserves MORE!

    oh, don’t think for a minute she won’t get more!!! We spoil her rotten and that’s probably a good deal of the problem! This time I just need to remember to hide the goodies in a closed area she can’t access. 😀

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