Get a Grip You Crazy Woman

I’m procrastinating taking my Final Exam.  I pretty much run my life that way — if I can do it later, I’ll put it off.  I have no idea how that started…must have been in my dysfunctional childhood.  As an adult, being a procrastinator leads to stress and chocolate binges and all kinds of ridiculous behavior such as playing computer gin rummy for 3 hours straight.  What a waste of time. 

I’m pretty ready for my Final.  I’ve gone over my notes – I’ve read the highlighted parts of both my textbooks – I’ve even skimmed over the high points in my Bible reading (all 700+ pages).  So, I’m as ready as I can be — I’m just putting it off.  I was going to do it today, but it’s not technically due until Friday at midnight.  So, I’ll probably take this stupid test sometime Friday afternoon.  I was going to do it this evening, but c’mon…Survivor is on.  It’s a 2 1/2 hour exam – so if I take it early (like right now), I miss dinner (heaven forbid) and if I take it after dinner I miss watching Survivor.  Oh, I know I can record Survivor, but what if something goes wrong with the DVR and I don’t get it?  The stress is too much.

Besides, I can’t take the exam in the evening.  My laptop is in my home office sitting at my workstation/desk/armoire thingie.  Now there is a floor lamp at my comfy chair (see yesterday’s pic of EmmaLou) and there is an overhead light in the room.  The problem is I bought this laptop online from Dell sight unseen.  When it arrived I noticed the keyboard is a silver color and the key identification is in a dark blue.  Without direct light on the keyboard, I can’t see the keys.  Now I’m a touch typist, but it’s disconcerting not being able to see the keys.  When I type numbers I have to actually move the screen over the keyboard to use the light coming off the screen to see what numbers I’m typing.  Gahhhh.

So, there it is.  My continuing saga of dysfunction.  It never goes away, I never grow up, I just react.   I can plan to my heart’s content, then I throw out the plan and just punt.   Thank God I have a good sense of humor!

Now, I’m going out for barbecue and the last minute studying can just wait!


4 thoughts on “Get a Grip You Crazy Woman

  1. That’s why I have never signed up for an online class even though I have really wanted to. I am a grand procrastinator and I would probably put everything off until it was too late. I did that back when I was in school. They give you six weeks to write a term paper and I would wait until the last two or three days and do the whole thing. I could have done the same thing at the beginning of the time frame but nooo, I had to wait, too many other things that I wanted to do.

    Some of us never outgrow our faults.
    oooh, I think we’re related. My other biggie is I always bite off more than I can chew; consequently, I am constantly chewing…

  2. We must be sisters. I need the deadline, then stress over it…Tomorrow afternoon will be good…just don’t have any major crisis at that time…
    I know…now I worry my computer will crash tomorrow before I can take the exam. I’m driving myself nutz!

  3. As the reining Queen of Procrastination, I can see you are very skilled at this. You have the technique nailed down, your priorities are in order, very nice. If you are going to do something, do it well!
    It’s taken me years of practice to be this good at putting things off! 😀

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