Tidbits and Little Thoughts

I’m devastated that Obama’s Senate seat won’t be under my Christmas Tree this year – darnitall!  That would have made a great gift.  Guess Devoted Spouse’s bid wasn’t high enough or maybe the Governor of Illinois simply wasn’t interested in joint custody of EmmaLou — then again he’s looking at another type of custody, isn’t he?  What a track record Illinois has for imprisoned Governors.  And Mr. Obama is from that state, but of course, nothing could have tainted him, now could it?  Why, he hasn’t even spoken to the Governor.  My, my, my.  Maybe Obama is just jealous of the hair.  That’s alot of hair.

Speaking of Mr. Obama…what do you think of his new “infrastructure” project/program?  Great, just what we need…updated roads for cars we can no longer afford to drive because we’re trying to afford our homes on just our savings because we have no jobs.   And just who is going to fill all those supposed new jobs he will create?  I simply can’t see IT guys working on a road crew.

There’s a local Dayton activist who is putting homeless people in all those foreclosed homes.  Of course, it’s not legal, and I don’t much like this guy or his tactics, but it’s not a bad idea.  If nobody is using the house, at least it’s basic shelter and beats the cold, cold, streets. 

I’ve been closeted pretty much the past few days what with a relapse of my flu bug, and studying for my upcoming Final Exam but I did take out time to watch the O.J. sentencing.  Like his last trial, I was morbidly drawn to the proceedings and I was fascinated with his various facial expressions.  I don’t profess to be happy about his verdict or sentencing – I don’t rightly care one way or the other.  He’s just another celebrity who let his fame be his downfall.  I did, however, want to reach into the tv screen and slap the judge silly just to get her to shut up and get on with the actual sentencing.  Guess that was her 15 minutes of fame. 

Devoted Spouse is out Christmas shopping, bless his little heart.  EmmaLou is in MY chair snoozing and chasing imaginary rabbits.  I have printed out all my school notes and am ready to start the final blitz of studying and cramming minuscule bits of knowledge into my tired old brain.  But first, I think a nice cup of eggnog, some Christmas music, and a final few touches on the Christmas tree are in order.



7 thoughts on “Tidbits and Little Thoughts

  1. Say “hi” to EmmaLou for me. She looks a lot like me. My human says the fact that Chicago and Cesspool both start with C isn’t a coincidence. Isn’t that where that Ayers guy lives too? Visit me at: http://www.SandySays1.wordpress.com
    EmmaLou says hi right backatcha! You have a smart human, little one! Thanks for visiting.

  2. I am reminded of what I once felt I had to tell a long time friend: a heart attack, brought on due to a lively argument and a difference of opinions between friends, is to be preferred over sharing one’s digestive and constipation problems. I think that pretty much explains my friend and our relationship, since brought to an end. After reading your December 10th blog, I think I’d enjoy sharing a cup of Christmas egg nog with you.
    I agree — don’t tell me details and for heaven’s sake never use the word colon when speaking to me. 😀 I toasted to your good and continued health Mary as I raised my cup o’ nog!

  3. Linda, could you ask EmmaLou to move over just a little bit. I thought if i snuggle with EmmaLou I could listen to the music and have some eggnog. She looks so comfortable.

    Did you have to mention the Governor. Can you imagine what you feel like when you live in Illinois……..I will tell you some time!!
    Bye, Bye I”ll sneak out!
    EmmaLou says she’d love to snuggle w/ya and she adores eggnog! Hey – I feel so sorry for the folks in Illinois – there are alot of nice folks living in Illinois and to have to put up with this nonsense is unbelievable–then again, it’s always those few bad apples…

  4. How can you share a chair with EmmaLou? She seems to have all the room including the breathing space! I know from the pic of her and DS on the couch that she can share when there is room but I think everyone is out of luck with that chair. She does look mighty comfy tough.

    You missed coming by my place for my birthday party! I missed you.
    Sweetie, forgive me – happy belated! I’m so far behind on visiting my friends’ blogs – I’m surprised I’ve even gotten anything posted on mine! – Off to take my exam now then I’ll have a month off and I’ll try and be a better blogger buddy!!! 🙂

  5. I think that she is dreaming of the glove that got away!
    or perhaps shiny Christmas ornaments? The other day I caught her eyeing up the new pair of gloves Devoted Spouse is getting to replace the eaten ones — I got them out of her grabbing range quickly!!

  6. Linda, I’m sure you heard about Obama’s Light Changing Engineer jobs as well. At least that kind of job might work out better for the IT guys. Actually, we now know that Obama is going to borrow the money for these projects (not sure from where) and obviously illegal immigrants will be filling the highway jobs (since they are the only ones I see doing those jobs around here) so how this helps the economy I’m not sure.

    One thing I do know, is that EmmaLou’s pictures are some of my favorites.
    Yeah, I heard — I don’t like to put too much political stuff in my blog because I find it upsetting most of the time, rarely truly humorous…this nonsense w/the IL Governor and whether or not Obama’s camp talked to him is giving me such a headache – what did we expect? Glad you like the pics of my baby girl – I always hesitate on putting pics on the blog – some people may get bored and not everyone adores my puppy girl the way I do (I don’t know why!) – so I’ll keep posting them but try not to overdo it!

  7. I’m not actually sure how I stumbled onto your sight but I love it!

    The pup-ster in the chair is beyond adorable!

    As for Obama and his road jobs we laughed out loud picturing our school teacher daughter who is worried about her state having to lay off teachers due to lack of funds out there building roads – yeah right!
    Thanks for visiting, Cheryl and come back and visit anytime! 🙂

    Good luck with the exams and I will be back!

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