I’m So Comfy…

We don’t take nearly enough time out of our busy lives to get really comfy.  I mean, comfy in your favorite robe with a big mug of hot cocoa w/marshmallows…or comfy wrapped up in a soft fleecy throw…or comfy in a warm bath covered in lots of bubbles, with vanilla scented candles aglow around the tub, a glass of wine, and a Sookie Stackhouse story…comfy.

Because I’m so crazed with school, I am acutely aware of down time and the pursuit of comfy.  I need comfy.  Just this afternoon after Devoted Spouse had so kindly gone to Kroger for some much-needed groceries (and a few not-so-needed snacks) I mentioned to him that as soon as I was through with this class, I needed “something”.  I couldn’t define at the moment what that “something” was.  He looked at me and wrinkled his brows as if to say, “She’s not making sense but she never does anyway so I’ll just stand here and look like I know what she’s talking about.”   I think that “something” is down time being comfy.  I don’t need to go anyplace but right here in my own little home.  (Jeez, I feel like Dorothy – ‘there’s no place like home’, ad nauseum…)  But I do need at least one day of total “me” time in my woobies with no makeup on and no perfectly styled hair…just me and a book, wrapped in my Golden Retriever throw ensconced in my comfy chair.

Yeah…comfy.  Need it.  Soon.  Even Devoted Spouse and trusty canine companion pursue comfy.



5 thoughts on “I’m So Comfy…

  1. I see you got “busted” taking the picture by the glove-swallowing canine. She probably thougth she was in trouble again!
    yeah, she’s hard to sneak up on and we’re keeping a close eye on her – she destroyed a Thanksgiving decoration that had been on the coffee table – it ended up in a thousand pieces strewn all over the family room floor – she was so proud. So now the Christmas tree is up…we’ve gone back to baby gates around the house. I’ll show her!

  2. I read Sookie too! I’m ready for the next installment. I love the way Charlaine Harris writes.

    DS and EmmaLou both look mighty comfy there on the couch, especially the baby girl.

    We gave up on Christmas trees a few years ago. Not at home enough and pets and trees are tough to keep together. We enjoy the tree at our daughter’s house on Christmas. No muss or fuss of putting up/taking down.

    Hope you get your “comfy” soon.
    You’re the one who got me started on Sookie – I got hooked and read the whole series and can’t wait for the next one to come out! I like Charlaine Harris’, too and want to read some of her other series. I’d skip Christmas trees too if I was on the road like you guys. But since I’m home and not that busy (ha!) actually it was Devoted Spouse who did the tree this year. One of these days I won’t be in school and I’ll actually have time to do things again. Yeah, right. 🙂

  3. Here’s wishing you lots and lots of “comfy”. We have to make time for ourselves or we are no good for anyone else. Even if it’s just 10 minutes a day we have to take some precious time to renew our minds and our bodies. Take care of yourself, girlie!
    I will as soon as I take my Final Exam Saturday – then I’ll probably collapse…nah, I’ll need to do the Christmas shopping first, then I’ll collapse!

  4. I’m glad that I was the one that turned you on to Charlaine Harris. 🙂 I love it when you can find new authors and you actually enjoy the stories. We try a lot of different mystery writers or crime stories with our books on tape or CD while on the road.
    I wanted to make a New Year’s resolution to stop reading so many mysteries and read something a little more academic or classical but then I realized how much I enjoy reading mysteries and I’ll never give up my vampire stories! I’m reading through a mystery series about a caterer and they are good, but she includes recipes and they make me so hungry!! 😀

  5. As usual, Linda, I am lagging behind. EmmaLou looks so sweet in that picture, but can DS really rest with her on him. The other day I had our can on my lap, which I rarely do, and in 15 minutes the heat coming from that little 8 pounds triggered my rls.

    Yes you need comfy time, but I do believe you should have more than just one day. Going to school when you are older can become very stressful. Adults have many more obligations than the 20 year old student. I know you are only 21, but still your are older than the 20 year old and you have DS and EmmaLou and Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to think about, cleaning the house, studying, shopping every once in awhile, etc. The young ones just go to school!!

    Try during a comfy day to sleep very late, then go have that bubble bath. On another day go to a spa and be taken care of……..do this later in the day so you can lounge before you go and this should be the final comfy day so when you come home you can, if you want, stay perfect for the next uncomfy, back to life day!!
    Take care,
    Yes, EmmaLou is about 75 pounds of instant heating pad warmth – sometimes Devoted Spouse loses feeling in his legs when she does this – he hates to move her, but she becomes just too heavy! I like your ideas of sleeping late and doing the spa thing — I just found out my Final Exam has been moved back a day from Sat now to Friday so for me Saturday will be my sleeping late day and I’ve decided what will make me most comfy is to take next week and go to several movies I’ve wanted to see! That’s relaxing to me. I’m looking forward to it!! Hugs to you

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