It’s Aliiiiiiiiiive

Holy mother of you-know-who, I have been in a peculiar hub of hell this past week and am finally crawling back to the surface of some semblance of humanness.  I am left with some distinct feelings/impressions:

1.  I could never be one of those 750-pound people you see on tv who have to be confined to their beds.  I spent over 24 hours actually in bed this past week and I thought I would go crazy from the inactivity.  Regardless of how wretched I felt, I was not happy simply lying in bed.  Unfortunately, I had no strength to do anything else. 

2.  There should be a special award granted directly by God to spouses/caretakers.  Angels should appear and bestow some extra token of love and grattitude, or in the case of Devoted Spouse, a new power tool, on these people.  Devoted Spouse nursed me throughout this nightmare never once making any ‘ick’ sounds, never complaining about my constant need for something.  He went above and beyond the call of duty in tucking in, ice-chip fetching, trash-bag producing, toilet paper roll replacement, going to the store for more gingerale, and showing the utmost kindness when faced with a nasty, cranky, whiny, sick person who looked like a ground-up ferret on a soda cracker and no doubt smelled worse.

3.  Let’s take a moment and all give gratitude to something we take for granted.  Charmin.  I cannot begin to imagine my recent journey had I lived life in the 1700’s in some backwater cabin with no indoor plumbing and corn cobs and leaves for personal hygiene.  Not even the much later invention of the Montgomery Ward catalog pages would have been sufficient.  Nothing short of Charmin. 

4.  I’m happy I saved the leftovers from Thanksgiving — okay maybe I saved them just a little longer than most of the cooking experts advise…but there was plenty of pickin’s for Devoted Spouse to eat while I shunned all things food. 

5.  One last impression.  I know this has happened to all of you.  The last thing you ate before you became sick — don’t you have the strong feeling to NEVER eat that again in the future?  It always happens to me.  I have given up some of my formerly favorite foods that way because the connection to what happened when I became ill and that food is simply too close for comfort.  This time it was oatmeal as that was what I ate for my supper prior to becoming ill about 3am the next morning.  I have already thrown out the oatmeal can (and it was the good Irish rolled oats, not that Quaker oats crud you put in meatloaf).  I shall never eat Irish oats again.  Pity.

That’s my story.  It’s over and now it’s time to get ready for the holiday season.  First, I have to catch up on 9 hours of classtime video lectures and I have my final exam next week – but I can do that.

It’s so good to be alive.

7 thoughts on “It’s Aliiiiiiiiiive

  1. So glad that you are among the living again. It sucks to be that sick. Last time it happened to me, Hubby and I went on a promo trip to a small town in Nevada to fly out and stay for an extended weekend at one of their casinos. We ate when we got in and within 6 hours we had food poisoning and both spent the rest of the trip taking turns in the bathroom. Not a pleasant trip for either of us and we will not go back there ever again.

    You need to be extra nice to DS this Christmas after his faithful service in your time of need.

    You have also been tagged for a Meme (if you wanna play) and can stop by my place for the details. It can wait til you finish your schoolwork, wouldn’t want you any more behind then you are. Glad you are back.
    thanks, baby — ewww food poisoning, been through that, don’t wanna revisit ever again. As I recall I was fed some partially thawed and re-frozen then totally thawed and cooked chicken and it bout killed me. I will do the meme even though it’s alot like the one we just did not too long ago, but it may take me awhile…plus I’m running out of bloggers to send these things to! I need a bigger blogroll! 😀

  2. I am so glad that you are getting well, however, I think you may have transferred some of your germs to me. I am home in bed today and feeling like someone took a wire brush to my throat. Tis the season…………
    sweetie, I’m so sorry you’re feelin’ puny. I’m sending lots of virtual hugs your way, laced with honey and lemon for those little tonsils! Get well soon punkin! 🙂

  3. I know the food fear thing – I got food poisoning from what I believe to be the milk I drank before my onslaught of nastiness and it took three years before I would touch it again. To this day I throw out the milk on it’s expiration date even though I know it is suppose to be good for 7 more days.

    Glad you are feeling spry again!
    we’re such funny critters! I’m glad, too, coz I gots lots to do! 😀

  4. Welcome to the world of the living! Glad you are human again. Thank God for Devoted Spouse is right!

    Hey, I actually eat Quaker Oats! I thought that was the good stuff … vs store brand, that is. Guess oatmeal is just oatmeal to me! I’ll have to do a taste test someday.

  5. So good to see you back where you belong. Geez you were missed. Good luck on your final.
    thanks sweetie – it’s good to be back believe me!

  6. Glad to see you back in the land of the living again!
    I had a terrible tummy bug a year ago last April…I thought that my number was literally up!

    Yes thank goodness for hubbies..
    thanks, Merri – this time it really is taking me longer to bounce back, but I’m working on it…Devoted Spouse is a treasure!

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