Being Thankful — It’s a Good Thing

Well here we are on the day after Thanksgiving and it’s a great day to kick back and relax after eating all the food in captivity 24 hours ago.

I have lots of things to be thankful for this year, even though my candidate wasn’t elected, my retirement fund resembles more of a cracked egg than a nest egg, and my hair has become considerably greyer in the past 12 months.  Still, life is good. 

I’m thankful Devoted Spouse and I didn’t invest in vacation timeshares, designer clothes, European cars, or other expensive toys over the past 20 years of our worklife, but, instead saved our money and wisely invested (okay maybe not always so wisely since our bank stock totally tanked and I should have sold that stock when it was worth $60,000 instead of today’s value of about $1.98).  The saving and doing without some of the extras (while our friends were driving fancy cars, buying boats and taking European cruises) now allows us to do what we want with our days while we’re still young enough and healthy enough to enjoy them.  Being frugal affords me the opportunity to get a graduate degree.  Being frugal means Devoted Spouse can now acquire all the guns his little heart desires (or my house will hold — note to burglars or other nasty folks:  this house is a virtual armory and we’re both excellent shooters; don’t even think about it). 

I’m always thankful for the friends who shared our Thanksgiving feast — thankful that none of my cooking made them ill, there were no household accidents like exploding toilets, or defective dishware.  And, I’m very thankful that EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer, was on her best Thanksgiving behavior (for which she received a plate of giblets).  So what if after the company left she disassembled a piece of equipment on my bar — that little metal strainer used when pouring cocktails now resembles a slinky who survived a nuclear attack — we don’t imbibe much anymore so we won’t miss that little whatchamacallit — but otherwise, she was a good girl.  I’m thankful she didn’t swallow the slinky part.  All the hydrogen peroxide in the world would not induce the re-appearance of an eaten slinky.  But I digress.

I’m thankful I’m not one of the crazed shoppers who actually think getting up at 3:00 am to arrive at the already full parking lot of Kohl’s prior to the opening at 4:00 am is normal behavior.  I do not want to buy anything that bad.   The only parking space I need is in my comfy chair as I shop online. 

I’m also thankful that I’m pursuing my graduate degree through the wonderful invention of distance learning.  You have no idea, really, how thankful I am that I can turn in a paper this week that’s certainly not my best work but will at least suffice for credit, and I won’t have to endure the humiliation of a professor looking me in the eye and admonishing me for my less than sterling effort.  I’m really thankful he doesn’t know where I live and we don’t use webcams!  That said, I need to go write this paper so I can be thankful I pass this course.

As you can see from the pic below, EmmaLou is also kicking back and relaxing today.  Hope all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving! 



7 thoughts on “Being Thankful — It’s a Good Thing

  1. Part of the reason you are able to live the life you have now is probably the same reason you will be at home relaxing today.

    Stuff is just that…stuff.

    But, you might want to go out and get yourself a pair of non-leather gloves at some point. 🙂
    shhhh…don’t tell Devoted Spouse…Christmas is coming. Maybe we won’t have any snow till after Christmas since he can only keep one hand warm and snow-free at the moment.

  2. Linda – Happy Day After! I am so with you on the shopping concept today. Sure saving 75% off anything is great, but maintaining my sanity is priceless! Not to mention sleeping in was a treat this morning.
    It was a strange feeling knowing that as I was enjoying my first cup of coffee, many had already been shopping for 3 hours! Unbelievable!

  3. I did a lot of my shopping online last night after I found out what the kids wanted and got the stuff on sale so I didn’t feel too bad. Hubby and I did brave the shopping hordes to go to Nebraska Furniture Mart in KC since Hubby needed a new computer for work and they had a really good sale on. We weren’t there when they opened, we went later but we still had to stand in line for an hour to check out but it was worth it. He got a good deal. That was the only store we went to.
    You are braver than I – I, too, did some online shopping. I think the story out of NY about the WalMart clerk trampled to death as the store was opening today pretty much sums up the alarming stupidity of this type of retail nonsense. It is horrifying that people are so desperate for a bargain that they would break down the doors and trample someone to death. This is how we mark the beginning of the season we celebrate Christ’s birth – I’m so saddened by it all.

  4. It’s not just my age, but the idea of getting up to go shopping in at 3:30 in the morning is mind-boggling. The idea is enough to age me. Although I love my Scamp, I was so thankful when he grew old enough to have the decency to allow me to sleep until at least 6:00.
    It seems every year the Black Friday insanity grows and grows — the retail establishments might just as well stay open 24 hours a day and be done with it. I don’t enjoy shopping much any more – I’m thankful I have a computer and can shop online with a few trips to the mall thrown in when necessary. My EmmaLou is up and raring to go every morning between 5 and 6 am; I, on the other hand, am not. How fortunate that Devoted Spouse is an early morning kind of guy. He and the pup scamper off to sniff the fire hydrants (wait–only EmmaLou does the actual sniffing!!) while I remain blissfully unaware. 🙂

  5. I did some shopping online too. Later this afternoon I took one of my granddaughters with me to do a little shopping for her. We saw a friend of mine who looked like hell. She had been up since 3 a.m. and had made all the sales all day. She had been in every store within a 60 mile radius of her home and she had only bought a TV and a few toys. I am so glad that I was nice and warm in my bed until 8 am. NUTS! They are all just NUTS!
    It used to be fun to go shopping after Thanksgiving – get up just a little earlier than usual. People were excited and it was a bit frenzied but no one got hurt. These days it has become a war zone. I am of the opinion that there should be some type of local ordinance in place prohibiting people from gathering outside a store any earlier than an hour prior to opening. Either that, or the stores need to open 24 hours a day for early part of the shopping season so that people know not to get so crazy about rushing to the store to be the first in line to get a bargain. I don’t think trampling someone in a WalMart constitutes bargain shopping. C’mon Cyber Monday!

  6. Its me, very behind in reading and responding, but here I am. Yes, I looked at the t.v. in wonder when I saw an ad that said to be at Kohls at 3:30 a.m. They gotta be kidden to ever get me to a store at that hour. The prices can not be that much less.

    I’m glad you had a good thanksgiving. I had a very quiet one and when the day passed I finally remembered it was thanksgiving. Just didn’t feel like it this year.
    Sometimes, Frank, I think we are set up by the master marketeers to celebrate what we don’t need to celebrate. Thanksgiving has become so blown out of proportion just like the commercialization of Christmas. I’m glad you passed the day peacefully – to be very honest, most years I don’t pay much attention to Thanksgiving. It’s just Devoted Spouse and me (plus trusty canine companion) and we’re certainly no Norman Rockwell painting family. I’ve found it’s a holiday best served others and so the reason I did the turkey routine this year was to cook for some friends who were not going to be with family and I wanted them to feel they are my extended family. Be strong my friend and know every day will shine somewhat brighter than the last. Hugs, L

  7. Yes, I have many things to be thankful for also. EmmaLou is thankful that she gets to sleep on the couch! We don’t let our dogs on the furniture, except for sometimes (which I know just confuses them completely). Zoe sheds so bad, but Fritz doesn’t, so you see my dilemma. Once in a while we pretend we don’t see Zoe when she crawls up in a chair. I just don’t have the heart to make her get down sometimes. I know, inconsistency breeds brats … don’t worry … I was much better with my kids!
    whew – I’m happy to hear you let your kids crawl up on the furniture…I was worried for a minute there… 😀

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