What’s For Lunch EmmaLou?

I always worry when it’s too quiet in the house.  EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer, is up to no good.  Today as I was toasting a bagel for my lunch and Devoted Spouse was polishing the silver for Turkey Day, I noticed we were alone in the kitchen.  Where was EmmaLou?  The tantalizing aroma of toasting bagel is usually a siren for her — zoom, there she is in the kitchen hoping for a bite, or three.  Not today.

EmmaLou had made her own lunch.  She fixed herself a cowhide sandwich, hold the lettuce and mayo.

The remains of a pair of gloves

The remains of a pair of gloves

Yes, she had eaten one half of a pair of Devoted Spouse’s nice leather gloves; all that remained was part of the lining of one glove and, thankfully, the other glove.  That’s my girl – a self-cleaning diner.  Now we wait to see if she digests this tasty morsel, or starts yakking up pieces parts. 
It’s so much fun having a Golden Destroyer in the family.  I have a sneaking suspicion somewhere along the line she’s related to that dog in the book, Marley and Me.
i was framed

i was framed


4 thoughts on “What’s For Lunch EmmaLou?

  1. Silence is always the first sign of trouble.

    What a cutie! No way she could be guilty of such horrible things!
    yes, she maintained the true culprit was her little buddy there, Rocky Racoon — it’s a good thing I’m a smart cookie…

  2. Emma Lou looks like: Who? Me??? She reminds me of my Chocolate Lab, Zack who has been gone about 6 years now. My sweet dear dog ate the siding off the house once and a whole rotisserie chicken, bones and all, he stole off the top of the stove, with some horrible results the day after. If it could be chewed, he would oblige, no problem. Geez, I miss him so much. Emma Lou is worth every glove, bagel and allergy. Just look at her eyes………
    those big brown eyes get me every time…I swear she’s gonna be the death of me 😀

  3. The first rule with kids and dogs is if it is quiet, they are up to something. You should especially know this is true of EmmaLou. Her nickname came about some how related to her propensity for chewing. Poor baby girl! Don’t buy those tempting smelling gloves any more. 🙂
    I’m trying to train Devoted Spouse to spot the signs and the first one is she’s nowhere to be found and it’s deathly quiet in the house!! That always spells trouble! 😀

  4. The term “Golden Destroyer” gives me a good smile. My dog also used to bite things before and I always end up scolding him (no beating, just scolding him like a child) and thank God he isnow a good boy.
    thanks for visiting. I don’t know that EmmaLou will ever become a ‘good’ dog — I think what will happen as we go along is that I will become a ‘better’ dog-guardian and hopefully ward off some of the more dangerous episodes of Golden Destroyer behavior. 🙂

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