Pet Poisoning 101

Just in case the world thinks I’m a horrible dog-mom…I did call the vet about EmmaLou eating the glove.  He advised us to induce vomiting.  Oh ick.  The things I do for my little fur-child.  Here’s the formula for anyone who has a dog that ingests something bad (like chocolate or the holiday plants) and you wish to make them throw it up:  Hydrogen Peroxide straight – 1 teaspoon per every 10 pounds of dog weight.  EmmaLou got a little over 7 teaspoons worth in a syringe shot down her throat – boy did it foam!  Worked like a charm – within moments we were the proud parents of a rather chewed slightly digested leather glove.

I love my dog, but this is getting ridiculous.



11 thoughts on “Pet Poisoning 101

  1. Oh my goodness, I know all about that! My dog has this bad habit of getting into the trash and trying to eat whatever he can. Ugh, sometimes I wish he didn’t like trash.

    Cute sign.
    EmmaLou is also a dumpster diver — I had to get one of the kitchen trash cans that locks and the other night we forgot to lock it and she rummaged around til she found the chicken bones. I give up. 😀

  2. OMG! I am glad that I read these in order in my reader!
    what you should REALLY be thankful for is the fact I didn’t snap a photo of what came back up! the vet assistant really cracked me up — her parting words to me were that I might want to have EmmaLou outside as soon as received her yummy hydrogen peroxide cocktail — yeah, like I’m going to do that in the living room!!! duh squared…

  3. Love the picture! She looks so proud of herself!
    she enjoyed having her mug shot taken — she’s such a ham! Barfin’ sick one minute, ready to romp and play the next – just another day in the life of EmmaLou!

  4. Emma Lou has it goin on! Look at her expression!

    As far as the vet assistant, isn’t it amazing what has to be “dumbed down” for people??
    As far as EmmaLou was concerned, it was just one big doggie adventure! As for the vet assistant, I just wanted to slap her silly. 🙂

  5. I came home from work one day to find our schnauzer puppies had escaped from the laundry room and had torn up three poinsettia plants. They are very poisonous. The vet told me the same thing about the hydrogen peroxide. Picture 8 puppies on the back patio barfing their guts up. Not a pretty picture but they all survived.
    8 Puking Puppies…sounds like the 12 Days of Christmas! 😀

  6. I will take a picture of about anything…you’ll figure that out soon enough.
    I was tempted, sorely tempted, just to prove she really did it, but Devoted Spouse had his handy dandy roll of Bounty and the evidence was dispatched before I could snap away. I’ll file away for future reference (and award macho points) that you wouldn’t have flinched at the sight of phlegmy strings of dog yak over a bile-filled glove. I, on the other hand, couldn’t get out of the backyard soon enough.

  7. Poor EmmaLou! Good thing that dogs are so resilient and bounce back so quick. Good thing Devoted Spouse was nice enough to clean it up for you. Now that is….a devoted spouse and poppa.

    Cute pic and she so doesn’t look like a “bad dog” in it but more like a “pretty girl.”
    She was having so much fun posing – it’s all a big game to her – even the outside puking her guts up adventure – worse than a kid I swear! Yes, Devoted Spouse made big time points!!!

  8. She looks like she’s in a line-up and very proud of it. She’s gorgeous.
    EmmaLou is an attention hound – she knows it’s all about her! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  9. LOL what a doggy!
    Glad that the glove didn’t get stuck somewhere, too!!!
    Goldens are so famous for the
    “happy and proud of myself” attitude; gads, NOTHING seems to sway them!
    (as YOU well know!)
    everytime I think she can’t possibly surprise me, she does – at least we’re never bored! 😀

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