No More Room for Nom de Plume…or…Out of the Church Closet

One of my pastors (who’s also my Masters Program mentor although we haven’t had much mentoring going on lately) told me he enjoyed my blog.  (Yikes.  He knows the secret identity of C&BI.)   I wasn’t sure how to respond so I did my usual stumble-bunny routine and came across as a complete and total dork.  I was actually a bit uncomfortable about Mentor Hal reading my blog.  I found myself muttering something about how I try not to get too nasty or hateful and don’t swear (much).  I actually told him I hadn’t divulged my blog to anyone at school as I wasn’t sure the seminary folk would appreciate it (hey, those are some serious Baptist people). 

I was starting to feel a big squeamish as I mentally sifted through what I had written lately (especially the one on how I used to nick food at the grocery) and found myself getting a sweat mustache.  Then Mentor Hal laughed about my Golden Destroyer, and told me what he enjoyed was my writing on how difficult it is for me to get my homework done in the face of every other little distraction (see Well, Crap on a Crutch).

So I snapped out of it — Mentor Hal understands those issues with homework better than most as he’s embarking on his own journey towards finishing his theological doctorate.  Besides, when he successfully defends his dissertation I understand an angel will get its wings.  No, wait, wrong story.   

I’m sure Mentor Hal realizes it’s just a goofy blog.  He knows God has a sense of humor… C’mon…God gave us Benny Hinn.  Duh.


5 thoughts on “No More Room for Nom de Plume…or…Out of the Church Closet

  1. Did you mean “Benny Hill” instead of Hinn? I have seen Benny Hill but not Benny Hinn.

    I bet that was a bit terrifying for you. You shouldn’t worry, your blog is very, very tame, trust me I read a lot of blogs.
    no baby – I’m sneaking in dry church humor — Benny Hinn is one of the worst televangelists ever – he claims to heal cripples and he wears a Nehru jacket! I remember Benny Hill – what a rowdy, randy old Brit he was! 🙂

  2. Crap…now we ALL have to be on our best behavior!
    Nevah, nevah, nevah (sorry I’m watching a history bio on Winston Churchill and my Brit accent is coming out)…best behavior is no fun. My blog, my rules! 😀

  3. Hal will get a kick out of everything!
    I know – I almost hesitated about doing this post, but I figured Mentor Hal needed his 15 minutes of fame! Oh yeah, wait…I have about 3 dedicated readers, so it’s more like 90 seconds of fame. 😀

  4. Please don’t edit your post. You tell it like it is and that isn’t anything to be ashamed of. If Mentor Hal doesn’t like what you write he can always stay away. Besides, Pastors are people just like you and I. My Pastor is a hoot!
    nope, not gonna change – don’t worry. Hal is a good man with a sense of humor and he doesn’t care what I write – he’s far too busy to be bothered reading my lil ole blog! 😀

  5. LOL!!! Now I know why you were acting like a dork 🙂
    I thought you just needed some coffee or something.

    Howdy MH – yeah, I needed coffee…we’ll go with that one 😀

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