Well, Crap on a Crutch

I can’t believe I did it again. Really. I am flabbergasted at this behavior. This is becoming a habit…a very bad habit and I need to stop this nonsense. What nonsense? The nonsense of getting up in the morning fully intending to have a constructive day; a day in which I spend the majority of my time wisely (wisely=studying), but instead goofing off royally. I ran some errands that turned into a mini-shopping trip (Macy’s was having an awesome sale and since I lost weight, I got rid of last winter’s too-big sweaters…justify, rationalize, etc., ad nauseum).

Instead of reading my source material and working on a paper that is due in a couple of days, I sat in my big comfy chair, trusty canine companion by my side, and read another book — a mystery involving a mad-cap caterer. Before I knew it hours had passed. Hours I would not get back; time wasted once again. Pitiful.

My one useful thought during the day concerned the upcoming Thanksgiving meal. Usually it’s just Devoted Spouse and me. But this year we may have company, so some thought about the meal was required. Therein lies the rub. You see every year it’s the same dilemma — pumpkin pie or mincemeat pie. I like pumpkin; Devoted Spouse likes mincemeat. It’s one of the few areas in our life where we simply cannot and will not agree or compromise. I think mincemeat is about the nastiest concoction on the face of the earth and wouldn’t take a bite of it even if I was starving to death, and his opinion of pumpkin usually contains the word, “slimy”. Stress, stress, gahhhh.

I really need to start on this paper…anybody seen my Game Boy?

9 thoughts on “Well, Crap on a Crutch

  1. Oh…those crazy catering books. Get ya’ every time.

    to put it in perspective you must understand that I am a cookbook freak; I love reading anything to do with cooking; plus I am addicted to mysteries – hence the reading of any mystery having to do with cooking. Made sense to me. I never said I was normal in any way…

  2. Just the look and name of mincemeat pie have been enough to prevent me from ever tasting the stuff. The words mince, meat, and pie have absolutely nothing in common.

    It’s on my long list of “Never Will Try It”.
    Amen sistah!

  3. I am very, very easily distracted from things I should be doing to doing not much of anything. Can’t say I have ADD because if it is something I like to do, I can do it for hours – like reading or being on the computer. Choice between housework or something fun? Fun wins hands down.

    I admit, I tried mincemeat pie once…I survived.
    it’s easy for me to kick back and do nothing, too. I enjoy it and that’s the problem. If I didn’t force myself to do otherwise, I’d be in the comfy chair constantly with a book growing out of my hands – in fact sometimes I wonder if Devoted Spouse won’t just bury me in my comfy chair. šŸ˜€

  4. I’m thinking the same thing on the mincemeat pie. Meat and pie just don’t go together for me unless it’s pot pie and you wouldn’t say pot pie and pumpkin pie in the same sentence. And what the hell is mince?
    my understanding of the term is it is actually meat that is minced. Blechhh – I agree only in some type of pot pie, not a sweet pie.

  5. Man, I can’t eat either one! EEWWUU! Nasty! I’ll take a good old Cherry or Pecan pie any day.
    Devoted Spouse swears by cherry, too. I think he asks for mincemeat just to get that ‘bitter-beer-face’ I make when he even says the name! šŸ˜€

  6. Well, dear Linda, then there is me coming in much later. I won’t talk pie……I want to say this that at times when one is in school they just have to have a day or days to goof off. It is a necessary condition so that you return to full force school when it ends. You are dedicated to your education and I know you will get where you want to go to. So please stop saying things about yourself……..you only do what you think you should subconsiously. Next time this happens, let it happen, but during that time try to mentally plan a reverse attack and it usually happens just the way you want.

    Okay, now I’d like a piece of Pumpkin but can I have mine with whipped cream????
    well, bless your bones, Frank, you are right — I’m way too hard on myself and ya know what? My goof off day was a nice break from reality. And, yes, I got back to work — I’m actually about half way through the dreaded paper and I’ll get it in on time with no problem. Sometimes I think the best word to describe me is impetuous – I just run right into the next project full steam without always thinking it through – I get excited like a child about something new – and then reality hits and I understand that what I’ve jumped into is much more involved than I originally imagined. A little reality is good for me. I talk about giving up on this degree, but I will no doubt see it through as I truly enjoy my subject matter – I just occasionally need a hug from someone and some reassurance when I experience one of my mini-melt downs– and thank you my friend for providing just that!

    I make my own whipped cream – it’s so much better!!! Yum! Hugs, L

  7. Sounds like you’ve got a serious case of “I don’t wanna!” I get that all the time. I think it’s a form of rebellion for me. Not enough free time, so I carve free time out of valuable “need to do stuff” time on the weekends. Then before you know it, the weekend is gone and I still need to do stuff. You think I would learn!

    Good luck on your paper! Just think of it instead as time spent collecting creative thoughts so the paper will be easier to write. That’s it!
    thanks sweetie – yeah, some times I just throw a little tantrum and then I’m over it — I try not to blog when these fits hit me, but this one slipped out anyway! šŸ™‚

  8. …oh, I love pumpkin pie, and it’s my kids’ favorite holiday dessert. I had mincemeat pie a couple of times as a kid and didn’t particularly like it, but didn’t particularly hate it … it’s not seriously minced meat, is it?
    yeah, it really is. Blechhh

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