Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Aw Knock it Off Already

The first snow arrived yesterday. Those flakes came down fast and furiously and for about a nanosecond I was thrilled; filled with wonder and awe. Then I got over it. It’s snow. Blechhh.

I like the first snow. Snowflakes arrive with stealth; quiet and unassuming little grains of coldness scramble on top of their snowflake neighbors until a blanket of whiteness presents itself on the yard, the street, the sidewalk, the deck, the steps, the dog and invariably in my house. Blechhh.

What the first snow heralds is the inescapable fact that very cold weather is lurking around the corner. Weather that will make my chest hurt as I breathe in the bitter air while trying valiantly to help Devoted Spouse during bouts of snow/ice clean-up. Oh, I may only make it as far as scraping off his car and mine, but it’s a valiant effort on my part. While Devoted Spouse does the manly stuff like pushing the snow blower, I do the hard physical work of trying to get the broom to reach the top of the SUV. I don’t like getting my boots wet, and I don’t like snow melting inside my mittens. Blechhh.

The first snow means soon there will come that horrid moment when you are out in public and Mr. Ice causes you to slip and fall, landing in a very unlady-like position. I’ve found it’s helpful to simply lay on the pavement for awhile thus alerting those guffawing at your mishap from behind the window at the store that you might actually be hurt and they should stop laughing and feel guilty they aren’t coming out to help you. Saves one the embarrassment of just looking like an idiot on the ice. Blechhh.

So, one snowfall down, multitudes to go. Holiday landmarks…Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines; days and days of possible snow and cold lie ahead of me. It’s a bleak prospect, bleak, bleak, bleak. Blechhh.

Moving to Florida is sounding nice about now…


8 thoughts on “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Aw Knock it Off Already

  1. Would a leaf blower remove snow from your vehicle?

    Surely not if it was wet…but just a thought.
    hmmm, that’s an interesting idea…don’t have a leaf blower, ya see Devoted Spouse is a firm believer in the “wait awhile longer and the leaves will blow downhill and into the neighbor’s yard” school of yard work (we only have two small trees in the front yard so that’s not a big deal). I’m thinking reversing the hose on the vacuum cleaner might do the trick on the snow, too. Or I could adopt a kid and make them do it. So many ideas to ponder…

  2. We haven’t had snow yet, surprisingly. It usually gets snowy or at least icy on Halloween but it has been fairly warm so far. I do love the type of snow that comes down without blowing and coats everything in a fluffy pillow effect. Don’t want to go out in it, just look out at how pretty it is πŸ™‚
    yeah, I like the fluffy pillow effect, too, but I’m more careful now with what I wish for — several years ago right before Christmas I wished it would snow and be a white Christmas — I got my wish — it started Christmas eve and by late Christmas day we had over a foot of snow. I try and temper my wishes now…except for wishing it was Spring. πŸ˜€

  3. This is that wonderful time of the year, when you ponder how to get 5ft of teenager to shovel off 10 inches of snow.

    yes, now is the time I wish I had kids…I could use the labor force, although if what you say is true, I’d be right back where I started anyway! πŸ˜€

  4. My neck of the woods rarely gets more that a few inches at a time. About the time the kids can go out and start a snowman, it stops. We just get lots of ice and cold, cold winds come sweeping down the plains. OOOOKlahoma where the wind comes right behind the rain….oh, excuse me. I got a little carried away there. I don’t even know what a snow blower looks like.
    hey you are having entirely too much fun…step away from the meds baby…I remember Oklahoma; I spent a week there one night…OK where the trees all lean and you can buy okra at the supermarket… πŸ˜€

  5. Come on down!!! My opinion on snow mirrors yours – Blechhh. It’s nice to watch spinning tires on TV and not have to feel that awful sensation going on right beneath me. And scrape windows – I forgot what that feels like. Doesn’t matter how cold it gets here, that Colorado snowscraper I brought with me just collects dust on the backseat floorboard.
    we spent Christmas one year in South Carolina and we were wearing shorts and laughing at the fools here in OH who were freezing. Then I was introduced to fire ants. In FL you have bizarre roaches that fly. It simply isn’t safe anywhere and so I’ll just stay put for awhile longer and try to tolerate winter. Blechhh

  6. I’m with ya – blechhh! I love snow at first. Pretty for a few days, but too dang messy & cold! If snow lasts for a few days around here, it’s a miracle! It’s probably 50 degrees outside right now, and I’m sitting by my gas log already. Yep, I’m a cold weather wimp. Good thing God put me here in Texas!
    Good grief, woman, if it was 50 degrees I’d be in shorts and a tee shirt and be rompin’ outside!! It’s 24 here and I’m over winter already! C’mon Spring! πŸ˜€

  7. I heard you! That’s swimmin’ weather to you!!! I figure that the hot flashes will start soon enough, so best for me to just enjoy my cold weather wimpiness for the moment!
    hot flashes? Oh you just wait girlfriend – they’re so much fun…there’s nothin’ like greeting people at church with sweat running down your face and they’re in heavy coats and looking at you like you have the plague…oh yeah, love those flashes! πŸ˜€

  8. I am happy to report that we (on the west coast of Canada) have only had rain or sunny days up here(in the supposed land of snow and ice..lol!)
    We usually just get this kind of weather until February where we will get one or two days of snow, then it melts.
    But shhhh, I didn’t divulge our treasured secret did I?

    West coast of Canada and you only have one or two days of snow in Feb??? That’s it — I’m moving!! πŸ˜€

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