Christmas Lists

This morning I felt the need to let someone else cook breakfast – no, not Devoted Spouse, but the nice folks at the local Bob Evans.  It was not difficult for me to justify blueberry hotcakes on a cold, grey day.

While waiting for our breakfast to arrive, we talked about what to get each other and the family for Christmas this year.   We decided the best idea is to give the family various gift cards and let them decide what they want at their favorite stores.  I looked down at my place mat and noticed the following:  “Surprise them with a Bob Evans Gift Card and the only thing they’ll return is their gratitude.”   I read that sentence outloud to Devoted Spouse and I had a few snarky comments to make.  Then I realized that just because a free meal at Bob Evans wasn’t on my wish list to Santa, that doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t appreciate a gift like that.  Hmmmm, snarky comment retraction.

I guess it was inevitable that everybody would get on the gift card bandwagon – and I’m not saying I don’t take advantage of these offers – it’s just that I miss what gift-giving used to be about — when you had occasion to find a present, for whatever reason, it was something you spent time and effort acquiring, or better yet, something you made just for that person.

Okay – I admit, I tried to make some gifts over the years — in fact I only recently tossed the tie I was making for Devoted Spouse for Christmas….oh 15 years or so ago.  I try, I really do.  I just don’t always find the time to finish those presents.  So, I imagine gift cards really are a godsend to some folks; those who don’t have the time to shop, or the crafty talents needed to make something a notch up from the macaroni sculpture.   But, you have to agree with me that gift cards are a bit cold and impersonal.  You don’t have to put too much thought into picking out a card and sending it.  Gift cards don’t need special wrapping, just slip them in their envelopes and you’re done. 

So, yes, I’ll probably pick up a few gift cards this year – but I’m also going to make a concerted effort to make a few homemade items, too.  Bob Evans says they’ll return with gratitude — we’ll see about that.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Lists

  1. I remember the good ‘ole days when it was fun to shop, to figure out what everyone on your list would like. Now it is like you say, gift cards. Where is the fun in that? Takes a minute to open and if you spend about the same amount of money on each other, you could have saved the trouble and not even got it. I really hate them and try to avoid them. Last year I just went and shopped, didn’t ask anyone what they wanted. That was the first time in years that Christmas shopping was fun. Don’t know what I’ll do this year yet.
    I hear ya, sistah! We should all just pony up $50 at the beginning of the holidays, swap cash, and be done with it. How sad. We have become too busy to find the right present. Breaks my heart. If all you can do is trade gift cards, you’ve completely missed the point. sigh…

  2. I use gift cards as a last resort. My teen granddaughters would rather have them and so would Hubby. Me – I like the personal touch.
    I like them when I request them — for example I love to shop at Williams Sonoma but Devoted Spouse gets rather lost and it’s easier if he just gives me a gift card from that store – I love that gift! Conversely, Devoted Spouse almost always gets a Sears gift card for the same reason — me in the tool section? Not a pretty sight. Grins, Linda

  3. I still try and make the little “crochet” gift, but the boys in the family do not have the same appreciation for a “doily” that the daughter in laws do, so I will try and do something like gift cards for the guys…( I haven’t figured out how to make a “tool cozie”..)
    But, the idea of gift cards is better than opening an envelope and seeing cash, or maybe now….seeing a Thomas Jefferson or a Benjamin looking back at you on Christmas morning definately plants “visions of sugar plums dancing” in their heads…money isn’t bad…
    I believe what bothers me about gift cards is the frequency with which they are used solely because someone doesn’t want to take the time to think of an appropriate gift — gift cards are a good thing, don’t get me wrong – but they shouldn’t be the first choice in my opinion.

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