In the Dead of Night

My fur child, EmmaLou the Golden Destroyer, is acting up again.  Perhaps it’s the change in the weather; cooler weather makes her somewhat more frisky.  She always gets into trouble when she’s feeling frisky.  I know we haven’t been spending as much quality time outdoors tossing tennis balls.  We may have shortened a few of her walks (whine, whine, it’s cooooooold).  And I have been shutting my office/crap room door more frequently so I can study without having to listen to her rip the ears off yet another plushie toy (yes, Crusader Rabbit went to heaven last weekend and now it looks as if Rocky Racoon won’t be far behind).

But that’s no reason to eat a half loaf of Asiago Cheese bread from Panera.  Nor is it reason to consume roughly three-quarters of a pound of shelled walnuts and almonds from the Fall Nut Bowl before I had a chance to try out the new nut cracker.  Yes, she’s counter surfing again.  

I’m especially tired of waking at 2 a.m. to the sound of retching.  There is nothing fun about climbing into a dog crate and fighting the dog to see who wins – the dog…who wants to “clean” up her own yak, or me…who doesn’t particularly want to clean it up but has no choice because to allow her to clean it up is to once again be awakened several hours later by the arrival of more dog yak.  Gahhhh. 

I’m sleeping in the guest room tonight — Devoted Spouse has a brand new roll of paper towels by the bed and he can get up at 2 am with the arrival of the left-over cheese bread.  I plan on sleeping through the crisis.

Aaack…I just remembered there’s a pan of brownies on the counter next to the stove…


6 thoughts on “In the Dead of Night

  1. Ewwww!!!!!

    Better to hear the retching and expect something than to wake in the morning and step in something outside of your door.
    and THAT is precisely why she sleeps in her crate…with the door shut and latched!!

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yummmy, there went my breakfast! Reminds me of an old joke. Drunk comes out of a bar, gets really sick, leans over to the wall, and whoosh ….. up it comes! Right on top of an old yellow cat that is lying there.

    Drunk looks down and says …….. “I don’t remember eating that!”

    Call a vet today girl.

    Yuk yuk…she’s fine now – she periodically gets into things like this – at least the walnuts and almonds came back up – she digested the cheese bread and is “functioning” normally – I’ll continue to watch her just in case any stayed behind and gives her trouble, but for now she appears her old fabulous self. Now if that snack had been chocolate, well, we would have gotten her little butt right down the street to her doc. (the vet is used to her shenanigans) 🙂

  3. Our cat does the yakking and we both hit the floor running when he does – me to grab the paper towels and Hubby to the farthest corner of the house to keep from joining him. 😦
    eww – I remember my last kitty would start to cough and hack and suddenly he’d deposit some monstrosity at my feet – blick… nasty stuff! 😀

  4. This is why people that don’t like pets, cite as a reason not to have any. I look at it that it’s more like having children. Things are gonna come out of both ends that you have to clean up, goes with the territory and you (most normal people anyway) wouldn’t avoid having kids because of that. You just finish the task at hand as quickly and efficiently as possible and remember that they couldn’t help it.

    Poor girlie just thought she had a great snack. 🙂
    it’s obvious to me that dogs simply have no taste buds – they like to snarf up things that are chewable, soft, or crunchy, it doesn’t matter. She usually lives by the principle that anything that falls on the floor is legally hers…this counter surfing stuff is relatively new. I’d love to be able to put a slight electrical charge around the edge of the counters, but I’d probably be the one to get shocked. 😀

  5. I was doing some archives work and found something so I added it to your comment the other day. Check it out as I know that you are a big Judge Judy Fan!


    Good job, buddy – wow that’s alot of unspectacular stuff! I totally agree on the Judge Judy idea – just her voice raises my blood pressure to the boiling point. Cheers, Linda
    Now what? You link your MeMe to my MeMe and that is that? Don’t worry the kids are in bed. I guess we just sit back and wait for the other MeMe’s to post their MeMe so we can all be one big happy whatever? Judy Judy March 2008

  6. We have 2 cats and a hamster, and I resisted getting a dog for ages, but my wife and 2 daughters ganged up on me as only women can, so in the end I relented and Tess ( joined the fold.

    What a change! Cats and hamsters are no trouble at all. Dogs need lots of love, ball throwing, long walks in all sorts of weather, etc but return it with a love that is hard to find elsewhere.

    Hi Robert – thanks for stopping by – Tess is adorable! I know they’re alot of work, but I wouldn’t trade EmmaLou for the world!! I melt every time she looks up at me with those big brown eyes! Cheers, Linda

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