It’s All the Meme to Me

I had something unusually witty planned for today’s posting, but my friend, Eric tagged me with a meme.  The last time I was tagged I didn’t play because I don’t really think anyone cares to find out these obscure bits of trivia about me…however, this time I will make an exception.  So, on for the rules, etc.

Meme Terms and Conditions:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. List six unspectacular things about you.
4. Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.

Six Unspectacular Things About Me:
1. Animals love me.
2. I buy planners – the complete sets w/all the extra pages, the accessories, the fancy binder.  Then I don’t use them.
3. If there is a piece of furniture with a sharp edge, I will run into it at some time.  Repeatedly.
4. I held a real estate license for less than a year and I even sold a house; one house.
5. I can touch my nose with my tongue.  Please don’t ask me to do this; simply take my word for it.
6. I am addicted to certain reality shows — Survivor, Big Brother, Project Runway, Top Design — I particularly enjoy watching these people melt down.  I need therapy.

Whew, that was not too difficult; it certainly beats doing homework. Now to tag six other bloggers:

Tag Six Bloggers
1. Sheri at Angellviews
2. Delaney at Delaney’s World
3. Carla at Experimenting with Words
4. Merri at Merrily We Roll Along
5. Deborah at My Hidden Treasure
6. Don over at Creative Endeavors – he’s not on my blogroll but I visit him occasionally and he’s a funny guy.

Come back tomorrow — I’ve got something I just know will be on Christmas gift lists everywhere!


7 thoughts on “It’s All the Meme to Me

  1. I’ve never been “tagged” before so this will be a first for me. You have some of my items as well so I am going to have to really dig deep to come up with six since I don’t want to duplicate. I knew there was a reason I like you Linda, you and I have a lot in common especially the furniture problem. My desk where I used to work would jump out and bite me daily, some days, repeatedly.
    Not to worry – use the furniture one; I used one of Eric’s (the reality shows). It’s just a little bit of silliness for a Friday. okay…back to homework now. 😀

  2. Hi, I want to thank you for the kind words. You should not be a stranger, when you stop by leave a comment, the comments are what make the whole thing interesting. Often hard to get them tho, most people are readers and not the type to comment.
    I am at a loss as to what you require of me, am I to put this up on my site, this MeMe thing? Send me an email on what is required of me and possibly we can work something out. Use the email link at the top of my page, and I am sure I can find some time over the weekend.
    Just need to know what you want, I have only been at this since March, so I am still kind of a novice on a lot of it.
    Ta-Ta, tootle-loo, I will be seeing you!

    Hi Don – I have sent an email to you with instructions — but don’t feel like you have to do this — I also added you to the blogroll. Have a super weekend! Linda

  3. Well, well, well, aren’t you keeping me busy……..give me a minute, I like this. Sheri
    I think I’m driving the few blogger buddies I have crazy – I simply have to expand my blogroll!!

  4. Okay, it is up on my page, “It’s all MeMe to me” is the name of it (catchy huh, thought that up all by m’self I did!) and you can view it there.

    I did not send an email as I am extremely tired of emails this week, hope you understand, and yes, you have my condolences?


    What do you expect for four in the morning.

    you make much more sense at 4am than I ever will! 🙂

  5. Funny! I share number 3 and 4 with you. Real Estate was just not for me. LOL
    Alot of us seem to share #3 and as for number 4, well, it was far too cutthroat for my tastes! Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  6. thanks so much!
    I am really remiss in getting to these things, but PROMISE that I will probably by the weekend!
    ((hugs)) to you!
    Oh Sweetie – don’t worry about it! There is no obligation at all! Big hug, Linda

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