Some years ago I had a roommate who taught me how to graze through a grocery store — we’d sample grapes, and nick some other stuff when no one was looking and pretty much by the time we got out of the store we weren’t hungry any more…and we hadn’t bought anything, nevermind the powdered sugar clinging to our chins.  Those days are gone — today if you nick a grape they’ll slap your hiney in jail for shoplifting.  Kinda takes the fun out of grocery shopping.

The other day I found something almost as much fun as grape-grabbing.  I was wandering around Target when I came to the bath soap aisle.  Suddenly a memory from way back when overtook me and I found myself picking up a package of Dial soap, ever so slightly peeling back the paper, and sniffing the soap.  That’s right — I was sniffing the soap. 

Have you taken a really good deep whiff of Dial soap lately?  I don’t mean the fru-fru flowery lavender vanilla crap they’ve added to Dial, but the old-fashioned orange bars of soap that are the original Dial.  Ay caramba – it smells wonderful!  It is what clean should smell like, period.

In mid-sniff, I was approached by one of those red-shirted Target storm-troopers who politely asked me if I needed any help.  I told her no, I was just fine, just checking out the soap.  She actually suggested I might want to purchase the soap if I wanted to unwrap it.  Huh – the nerve.  So, I purchased the soap.

You know, when these silly elections are over and the winner is finally decided, some folks are gonna be upset because their candidate didn’t win.  They will wish they had some Dial soap to fall back on.  I’m serious.  Forget the little “I voted today” stickers and start passing out trial samples of Dial.  People will be alot happier.

You just can’t be angry when you smell like Dial soap.


7 thoughts on “Sniff…Ahhhhh…Sniff….Ahhhhh

  1. I love the smell of a few of the old bar soaps but I only use the bars they have at the motels we stay at. I love the smell of them but I prefer the mammoth amount of suds you get with the liquid body soaps and the feel of the poofy thingies you put the soap on.

    Watch out, you try a spray of perfume somewhere and you might get stuck with it. Maybe that is how they figure they are going to make up for the money we won’t be spending on Christmas this year.
    I like those poofy things, too. Hey with the lousy economy, I can’t afford perfume – so Dial soap is the new fragrance! 🙂

  2. Oh, goodness, I am going to ‘rain on a picnic or two’. I have, just once in my life—and that includes my childhood—when I, at a time when I was miserable at heart, angry at my husband, and without hope of happiness in the future, opened a small bag of candy in my shopping cart while in a grocery store and consumed the contents, an act that shamed me into never doing the same thing again. Your tale of smelling the Dial soap reminded me of another brand, Lifebouy, or was that, Lifeboy, and our family dog. One whiff of that soap sent him trembling to his belly and his chin to the floor. He knew it was bath time. Thanks for the memory!
    memories are interesting little suckers, aren’t they? Thinking of Lifebuoy soap reminded me of my stepgrandfather standing in front of the utility room wash tub soaping his farmer’s hands with Lava soap. Now THAT was some awful soap!!

  3. Linda, that Dial is the best. I’ll join you any day to sniff in target at the soap counter. We will let them know!! I do the same things all the time. Can’t keep my fingers to me self!! I think I will go shopping tonight and by some Dial!! Good Idea Linda–Frank.
    were we separated at birth or what? 🙂

  4. That’s a funny story … you sound like me and Pink Pearl erasers, except I gotta admit, Dial soap probably smells better than Pink Pearl erasers. It’s all about the memories, isn’t it? I see things every day that remind me of something from my past, it seems! Maybe I’m just too nostalgic.
    Sweet merciful heavens Carla — pink pearl erasers — you don’t smell them, you CHEW on them!!! I can still feel that lovely eraser grit on my tongue — almost as good as school paste! 😀

  5. School paste – now you’re getting somewhere!!!
    Elementary school was a very strange place — eating paste, chewing erasers, sucking on lead tipped pencils (and I wonder why I am the way I am today??) sniffing the art supplies – all very valuable experiences…

  6. I sniff Pink Pearl erasers too. Don’t know why. Haven’t really done it since school. Though since I am in college, I do tend to sniff them now while I’m working on stuff that requires an eraser. And sometimes if it’s in my range of sight I’ll still do it. Again, don’t know why. I just hold the thing in my hand and rub it with my thumb while it’s up in my face and smell it. I’ve been doing it alot recently in school and at home. Weird. I dunno if it’s bad for you or not but it’s a habit.
    sounds good to me LOL thanks for visiting!!!

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