Happy Anniversary to Me

Most people take note of anniversaries and I am going to do the same.  It was just a tad over a year ago that I started this blog.  I had recently retired from the defense contracting world (I am still convinced my government customer was directly responsible for climate change due to the excess hot air she regularly blew into the atmosphere).  Suddenly I had time on my hands and no real plans.  Enter the blog.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with this blog — I’ve never truly wished to accomplish anything in particular in my life — awakening on a daily basis was enough of an accomplishment for me usually.  This blog would be my chance to say what was on my mind and maybe be a little silly or simply make someone smile with a stupid story.  Stupid things happen to me constantly — why not share them?  

In my job at the big bad air force base while imparting information to all the other contractor and government weenies, I frequently wrote a story or told a fairy tale with a bad pun in order to put a little fun in my day.  Anything to keep me from running out to the flight line and standing in front of an oncoming plane.  That’s how mind-sucking it was working at the cubicle farm.       

So here we are.  Obviously by now the five of you who read this blog have figured out I really had nothing to say in this post so I fell back on the old “hey, it’s my anniversary” blog. 

I know — it only works once.

6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Me

  1. It’s a great accomplishment to keep one of these things going for a whole year! I struggle for content all the time, and just when I start thinking, oh forget it, I come up with something. I keep thinking it will get easier as the months go by, and sometimes when I sit down to the computer it is easier. Other times, it’s like root canal surgery … so happy, happy anniversary! Way to go, girl!
    thanks, Carla – I, too, struggle with what to write so many times. Then I just skip a day or two and the ideas surface once again. Sometimes we try too hard I think.

  2. And I was waiting patiently for some great words of wisdom…

    We have a lot of flight decks on the bases here, I might just go stand on one!

    Happy year!

    Perhaps wisdom will show up in my second year — in the “wise” words of my Catholic friend, “I’m just aiming for Purgatory.”

  3. HAPPY anniversary!!!
    I celebrated MY blog versity this year too..
    It IS amazing to think that one has persevered for a whole year…here’s to MANY MANY more!
    hey right back atcha on that blogversary! Yeah, I’ll keep going for a little while longer…

  4. You go girl! Congrats on making it for a year. Keep it going, I enjoy stopping by and seeing what is up in your neck of the woods and what strange thing has happened to you or EmmaLou. Sometimes you make my life seem more normal, whatever that is 🙂
    well gosh, telling me my life makes yours seem more normal is just the nicest thing ya coulda said…gosh…shucks… heheheheheee…whattheheckisnormalanyway??

  5. By the way, stop by my place for a (hopefully pleasant) surprise!
    ohboy ohboy ohboy I’m on my way…I love surprises…

  6. Congratulations! You inspired me to launch my own blog. You make me laugh without fail. Thank you Linda, you are great!! (and a little crazy too!)
    thanks sweetie – lotsa hugs to you!

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