Not Quite Annie Oakley Yet

On Friday, Devoted Spouse took my friend and I shooting.  It was such a gorgeous day to be outside and what better way to spend the day than firing guns at targets?  Okay, I admit I imagined some faces on those targets, but I’m not telling who! 

For some reason my shooting was off.  Maybe it was due to the new glasses I was wearing.  Yep, the trip to Eye Mart the other day resulted in yet another pair of specs — this is the THIRD pair of glasses in 3 months.  I have never been so disapponted in one merchant, but, hey this post is supposed to be about shooting…

Anyway, my shooting wasn’t that good.  Our friend, Terri Ann was just rippin’ her target apart — all kinds of bullseyes.  I had a few but I had many more holes closer to the edge of the target than I wanted.  Then again there were yellow jackets flying around — I’m allergic to bees of all kinds.  So, it was rather comical to see me dancing around the bees while trying to fire a gun at a target and not take out Terri Ann or Devoted Spouse.  Dancin’ with a gun…there’s a story in there somewhere.

So Sat morning I get up out of bed and I have the most horrible muscle spasms in the back of my thigh – yikes – pain, pain, pain.  This has hurt all day.   Even with the liberal use of my good pal, Advil, my leg still is killing me.  What could cause that — I almost wish we had been videotaped during our practice shooting so I could see if I was standing funny.  Then again, the tape would probably show me clenching my butt cheeks in anticipation of the kicking of the gun! 

I guess I’m just not cut out to stand around and shoot a gun.  It’s fun, but I will admit that when I got home I hit the sack for a two-hour nap!  Being conscious that you have a loaded weapon which could accidentally kill or maim someone at any time is a big responsibility and it plum wore me out.

I’m thinking of trying archery next…


3 thoughts on “Not Quite Annie Oakley Yet

  1. Now imagine yourself jumping around avoiding bees but with a bow and arrow in your hands instead of the gun. Which would be more comical if filmed?
    next time I’m wearing armor – that’ll show those dang bees…

  2. While I could never hunt, I do think it’s fun to shoot at targets. I shot skeet a few years ago, and did pretty good, well, at least until the skeet starting coming up too fast! Then I sucked.

    I hear you, seems like everything I do these days comes with a complimentary pain afterwards. Not fair!I’ve never tried skeet — I think it would come and go too fast for my reflexes. Targets are more my speed.

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