One Little Coffee Bean Makes All the Difference

I’m out of my favorite coffee and my new order won’t arrive until next week sometime. My world revolves around my being able to enjoy that particular brand of coffee and when any other coffee (with the bizarre exception of Tim Horton) is substituted, I’m simply not satisfied.

A creature of habit, I stumble out of bed around 6:30 each morning and the first order of business is getting myself to the kitchen to grind the coffee beans.  Just the act of grinding those beans alerts my brain to start firing up the neurons, another day has arrived. The aroma of those ground beans puts a smile on my face every time.  And we all know that when we smile, we automatically feel better.  So there is a distinct correlation between coffee beans and my attitude.

Not only does the aroma and flavor make me feel better, just enjoying that coffee makes my day more successful.  When I have my designated two mugs of special coffee in the morning, I know I will be able to accomplish whatever my day requires; chores, errands, school, anything that needs to be done. This coffee makes me happy. And, when I’m happy, Devoted Spouse and sidekick Puppy Girl are happy. The happy circle of life is complete — all because of coffee.

Conversely, without my coffee things go wrong. I’ve been out of this coffee for 2 days now and yesterday I was sluggish — couldn’t get much accomplished but a monster nap.  Last night what happened?  For the third time in 2 months, my glasses fell apart (how I detest Eye Mart). That means this morning I have an unplanned trip to the optical department from Hades to try once again to have these defective glasses fixed or replaced. The last two times this happened, I was also out of my special coffee.  I’m not liking this trend.

Most folks in this country are hanging on until Tuesday because it’s Election Day. I’m hanging on until Tuesday because that’s when the coffee shipment is due to arrive. I have my priorities in order.


2 thoughts on “One Little Coffee Bean Makes All the Difference

  1. Some people are stockpiling guns and ammunition for the pending changes in the country…you might be on the right track with your coffee!
    Absolutely – we have enough guns and ammo – but w/out the coffee I’m done for!

  2. I can’t drink coffee so I don’t quite feel your pain but I think you better stock up on some extra so poor hubby and puppy don’t suffer again any time soon. I do love the smell of fresh coffee though.
    if I could no longer drink coffee I would request my throat be slit and be done with it. only kidding — I have changed the shipment of coffee to arrive sooner so we don’t keep going through this.

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