Is Today Tuesday? Let Me Get My Calendar

While strolling through the mall the other day, Devoted Spouse spied the calendar kiosk and casually asked me if I needed a wall calendar this year (he’s searching for potential Christmas goodies).  I looked over at him in total disbelief.  Apparently the kitchen table has not caught his attention recently.

My home is stuffed with 2009 wall calendars.  I have received calendars from the Humane Society, the Audubon Society, Alzheimer’s Association, World Wildlife Fund,  Defenders of Wildlife, the Sierra Club, my dentist, my dentist’s dentist, and let’s not forget Hallmark.  Charities I have never heard of nor wish to contribute to are sending me calendars just in case I have a change of heart.   I have been sent calendars from magazines I don’t subscibe to, from magazines I do subscribe to, insurance companies, banks, credit unions, local car dealers, and out of state casinos. 

I have large calendars, small calendars, calendars with magnets on the back so you can keep them on the refrigerator door, and calendars that fit into your wallet.  I am inundated with calendars.

I saw an article in the local paper this morning explaining which local banks have applied to the Federal Government for part of the bailout money.  These banks can’t fool me.  They don’t truly need bailout money; they just need to stop printing and distributing free calendars.


3 thoughts on “Is Today Tuesday? Let Me Get My Calendar

  1. Do these ppl not realize how many trees they are killing just so that we have another calendar to throw in a drawer?? The ones I hate most are the ones with the sticky backs. It never fails this will be the one my daughter gets a hold of and sticks somewhere and by the time I find it I cannot get it unstuck with out a blow torch.
    I find the waste mind-blowing — I am death lately on unsolicited mail – the amount of wasted resources from the trees, to the extra gas used to fuel the postal worker truck and resultant increases in postal fees just burns me up. Then there are the tons of trash generated by the excess paper because we all throw it out — the waste just never ends. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow, you are special! I haven’t gotten one freebie calendar yet and I’m feeling left out.

    I use the no postage required return mailing envelopes to send back all of the paper plus some extra whenever I get them. The company that sent it to you pays the postage and they get their mess back including the envelope that they sent it all in. After they get a couple of them they take you off the mailing list.

  3. I have three calendars on the wall right next to each other. They are big and it is a part of my three month look ahead. Each month I slide two calendars over, tear three onths off of the first one and move it ot the end. I guess that I am killing trees too.
    That’s actually a good way to look at things. That’s how they did it when I worked for the government, too. Then the government supplier gods got a little greedy and started providing all the government workers and the contractors with their choice of Franklin Covey or Day Planners complete with leather covers. And we wonder why our government is so deep in debt…

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