Wait…I Forget…No, I Remember Now…

I saw a story online entitled Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Memory.  I was going to open it up and see if there was anything useful there but then I got distracted by some email and I forgot to read the story.  Seriously, I forgot. 

Forgetting happens to me alot lately.  I used to chalk it up to being too busy and having too many things on my mind.  Now I’m wondering if what’s on my mind is that plaque that builds up and leads to Alzheimer’s.  Can you floss your brain?  I don’t mean to sound flippant – hey, my father had Alzheimer’s and my grandmother suffered from dementia so I think I can take a little liberty here.  I figure there is at least a reasonable chance I may lose my marbles one of these days.  And it’s frustrating as all get-out when you do stupid things daily and can’t remember stuff.  Thank heavens I’m still finding this slightly amusing.

I was walking out of the garage to my car the other day.  I had my keys w/the push-button-car-door-opener thingie in one hand and I was carrying the garage door opener in the other hand.  Right as I got to the garage door I pushed the wrong button and instead of unlocking my car door I banged my head as the garage door came down.  I’m not making this up.  I forgot which button was in which hand.  Pitiful.

Most people have pictures and magnets on their refrigerator.  We have a small whiteboard on ours.  Know what’s on it?  I quote:  “The liquid soap is under the sink in the half bath.”  Do you know how many times Devoted Spouse and I have gone to refill the hand soap dispenser at the kitchen sink and couldn’t locate the huge refill bottle?  Thousands of times, at least.  Hence, the note on the whiteboard.  Some day an archaeologist will dig deep enough in this area and make a tremendous discovery — 18 plastic bottles of hand cleaner, a sociological wonder.  I’ll be danged if I can find them.

What truly irks me is I can remember.  I just can’t remember during the course of a normal day.  No, I have blinding flashes of the obvious around 3 am and by then what I have remembered has become useless crap.  It’s almost funny. 

EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer, had a dental appointment Thursday morning.  Recovering from a nasty bout of allergies, she has a counter full of medicine bottles with enormous pills she must take several times a day.  But…no pills on the morning of the appointment – nor was she supposed to have breakfast.  Doggie breakfast is the responsibility of Devoted Spouse (so I can stay in bed like a true queen should).  D’ya know what I did the night before at oh about 2:30 am?  I woke up, got out of bed, went downstairs, and proceeded to write large sticky notes to attach to EmmaLou’s food dish and in front of her pill bottles reminding Devoted Spouse not to feed her or give her pills.  What is wrong with me?  Somewhere in the icky plaque covered recesses of my brain a lone neuron fired at 2:30 am and sent a signal to me not to forget this.  C’mon.  I’m driving myself batty.

I had another example for you but it seems I’ve forgotten it for the moment…


6 thoughts on “Wait…I Forget…No, I Remember Now…

  1. I can so relate, my husband travels in his job so we often say goodnight on the phone. I can’t tell you how many times upon ending our good nights instead of pushing the red button on my cell phone to end the call, I turn the TV off. Then I sit there like an idiot trying to figure out what the problem is. It is so sad, I feel so……dumb, disoriented and well, blonde. Thank you for making me feel I am not alone in this!
    No, Sheri, Thank YOU! It’s nice to know I have company!

  2. My memory is my greatest quality and I do find it slipping lately. I have started carrying a book to write stuff down as a backup plan.
    Hmmm, that’s what I used to say, too. Here’s what’s in store for you…you will start forgetting to look in your book. I have books, calendars, planners, I once toyed with the idea of carrying around a mini-recorder. The problem is not getting the info stored, it’s my remembering to retrieve it.

  3. Bill Cosby once said that when you get older your brains fall into your butt. If you don’t believe it, think about the last time you walked into one room and forgot what you went in there for. You walk back into the original room and sit down and immediately remember what you wanted. See, you reset your brain as soon as your butt hit the chair. So, next time you forget what you came for, grab your butt and you’ll remember!
    Ha! Let’s hope I don’t have to perform that little exercise while in the local Kroger!

  4. Dear Linda,
    Yes there are things you can do for your brain! #1 you should take 800 mcg Folic Acid a day. #2 you need to use the brain as much as possible doing things……I did not say read……or think…..or daydream…..or, but more like problem solve. Let’s say you think you forget, then some of the stuff you do is solving that problem, but maybe take mental solving to the utmost—-or in your daily life work out new ways of handling things you do or that you do for EmmaLou or Devoted Spouse. Try not to think on easy things but fine a task that will make you think about how to change the system.

    This is all coming from my s/o a retired doctor who has a history of Alzheimer in his family as you have had in yours. He was as forgetful as ever and worried he would step into his mother’s shoes and now he says he remembers much more by taking the pill and doing the task thinking out thing.

    Your writing was great and humorous and most thought so, but you know I bet down deep it isn’t that funny to you. Don’t dwell on it–a lot of the stuff you do other’s have done it. Since I was in my twenties my memory has been strange. Once I lost my Cowboy Boots…..nice tall heels, expensive leather and intricate carving. We looked everywhere, then my s/o found them………..this is the truth……..they were in the freezer!
    Take care dear Linda,
    My best to you as always,
    Frank, you are right. I’m laughing, but I’m actually scared. Dementia is horrible to consider. So I pray and I get on with enjoying life. That’s why I’m in school — it forces me to use my brain. I also do puzzles and read things other than novels. I try not to dwell on it – heck I could get creamed by a cement truck tomorrow. Laugh, laugh, laugh, help others, and spread love everywhere. That’s the best I can do. Ya know I wish you lived next door to me — I think we’d be such great pals.

  5. Hello,

    First, I just want you to know that your post is great.

    Second, I agree with delaney55. The same scenario had happen to me many times, like when going to bathroom to brush my teeth or grab something, then all of a sudden when I am already there, I would ask myself, what the hell I am doing there and I hate it when I can’t remember why. Funny but it’s true.


    Hi John – Thanks for visiting! I’m glad you enjoyed my post – it’s so true – I did it again this evening -I went upstairs to get my cellphone and when I walked in my office, I stopped and thought – why did I come up here? So I grabbed a coupon I saw on my desk, went back downstairs and no sooner than I got downstairs I remembered I wanted my cell and it was upstairs! It’s exhausting! Cheers, Linda

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