Useless Bits of Worthless Information

I finally figure out how to program our DVR and what happens? Our cable company has a hissie fit with one of the networks and refuses to pay to broadcast that network. This is the same network hyping a new show about Robinson Crusoe — something I was interested in recording on the DVR. But, wait, we can’t get that channel anymore. Arghhhh — why is it that when I finally understand something, the rules change?

Puppy girl, aka the Golden Destroyer, is responding well to her medicine and her eye is less swollen than before. She’s not digging and scratching as much which tells me the combination of antihistamines and antibiotics are doing what they are supposed to do. She must return to see the Man in the White Coat with the Needles in another week or so for a follow-up, but I think we have her over the worst parts of this allergy. I couldn’t pick a normal dog — one who would eat Purina Dog Chow, play with one toy forever without destroying it, and never get sick. No, I had to choose EmmaLou, who seems to get every ailment coming down the pike, poor puppy girl. And of course, what happens when a pet has allergies? Why, that pet must be fed special pet food. EmmaLou is on a strict diet now (no people food) of Iams Fish and Potatoes kibble. Devoted Spouse refers to this as her diet of fish and chips. (There’s just nothing like a rambunctious dog wanting to give you a big sloppy kiss and as soon as she gets close, you are overcome with the reeking smell of tuna.) Let me tell ya, this stuff is no Purina Dog Chow — this food costs about $80 a month. Oh here’s a thought — I probably should have opted for the pet insurance when I had the chance. Silly me.

Are you as saturated with politics as I? The election can’t come soon enough for me. I can’t even bear to watch the news lately because all they focus on is the upcoming election. Obviously there is nothing going on in the rest of the world that could possibly be as important as our two buffoon candidates with their canned answers that truly tell us zero. I’m tired of the media bias, I’m tired of our local paper, the Dayton Daily Worker (it leans so far left it’s in danger of falling over), and I’m tired of the incessant commercials. C’mon November 4th! Then maybe we can calm down a bit and get back to the business of living.

Devoted Spouse and I stumbled upon an interesting tv show on the CMT network last Saturday evening — it’s called My Big Redneck Wedding and words fail me in trying to accurately portray what I watched. Call me a silly traditionalist, but I always thought a wedding cake should be simple, tiered, with a representation of the bride and groom on the top of the cake. This young woman was adamant that the pillars holding up the layers of her cake should be beer cans. Yep, beer cans. The groom actually used a saw (and wiped it on his grimy shirt beforehand) to cut the cake. There were skulls and bones of little animals the groom and his buddies had shot, displayed proudly on the reception tables and wait for this —- for a wedding present the bride gave the groom a racoon penis bone — I’m not making this up, truly. Words simply fail me.


5 thoughts on “Useless Bits of Worthless Information

  1. I am taking a break from politics…unless they can make me laugh. We are going to get what we get and we are going to have to find a sway to survive whichever knucklehead and their “buddies” get installed as President.

    Don’t get me started on the Cable companies….
    I’m so mad at the cable company I could simply spit. Every day the paper tells us the cable company is in constant negotiations with the conglomerate who owns the rights to the network broadcast — grrrrr — lyin’ thieves. I want to scrap cable, go to satellite, and sign up for DSL — the only thing stopping me is I can’t get DSL — double grrrr…

  2. I’ve seen that redneck wedding show too. I myself stumbled into it and couldn’t believe what I was watching. It was like the Clampetts meet the Addams family in Deliverance. Yikes! But anything beats the incessant campaign commercials, especially Obama’s which are running here in Florida every other commercial. Yep, that means usually two per commercial break. I guess Ohio probably isn’t much better.
    No, here in OH Obambi is everywhere. The only thing that makes me feel better is our street is mostly McCain signs with one Obambi stuck in the middle. I just want to time warp forward so badly…

  3. Oh yes I really sympathize about the ennui regarding the election…
    We just had our federal election and now have the civic one to endure.
    YOURS has gone on far longer though and one really wishes that it was finished…
    LOL about EmmaLou’s “fish and chips” diet and the resulting fishy breath..
    YES can be SO $$$!
    Our kitty lived on Eukanuba (until 20 years old!) so it kept her healthy but we wished there was some sort of insurance or help with the costs of care!
    EEK about the redneck wedding show…
    Sure makes you wonder about the producers of such a show. I WONDER WHO seriously watches it..
    My goodness so many comments to reply to…yes our election has gone on far too long — it reminds me of the commercialization of Christmas with the ornaments on sale at the stores in September now. Shame. I wish I had taken insurance on EmmaLou in the early days. Not that it’s too late, but I don’t think it is worth it now — she’s over most of the truly expensive stuff and insurance doesn’t cover the food. Redneck wedding — I’m telling you it is a most dangerous show — Devoted Spouse and I are drawn in like moths to a flame. I’m embarrassed that I actually want to waste a half hour of my time watching this drek. It’s such a train wreck but somewhere deep inside me (which is disturbing) this show validates my own choices in life — I’m so flippin’ normal compared to these yahoos. 😀

  4. Glad to hear that baby girl is better, it is a bugger when they are sick or hurt since you cant’ comfort them like a kid.

    I too wait anxiously for Nov. 5th to get here and we know who, what, etc.

    I found the Redneck Weddings one rainy weekend and I am afraid to admit, did not stop watching the marathon they had on until it was, gasp..over! I was sorta shell shocked by the end of it cause I kept thinking that each one had to be the worst, they couldn’t top the tackiness…yep, they did!

    Would you believe when EmmaLou felt the worst, she climbed up in my lap while I was on the recliner and I rocked her? She just wanted to be held constantly and that’s hard when what you’re holding is 80 pounds of slobber, fur and weeping sores. Ick. The sores are healed at least and she looks so much better. No more laptime for awhile! OMG – I missed a Redneck Wedding marathon???? Jeez Louise I hope they repeat it. I’m so pitiful… 😀

  5. Hi, enjoyed visiting with you. I, too,
    wish Puppy Girl not only a quick recovery but a permanent restoration to good health. Allergies are tricky to overcome. Be thankful you can afford to keep her. Because we just did not have the funds for vet care some years ago, and I could not endure my dog’s constant discomfor, I was forced to submit to his euthanization. With six children to house, feed and clothe, I had no choice.
    And, like everybody else, I want this entire miserable mud-slinging between political parties to come to an end.Just a few more days and it will be behind us for another 4 years! Yippee!! Maybe then we can get down to business and fix some things around this country!

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