Grades, Grades, Grades

Just in case you are waiting with bated breath…my Christian History professor finally got off top dead center and graded my paper — he gave me a 94 and I think, based on his comments, that was generous — he gave the impression he was expecting much more — hey this isn’t a thesis for crying out loud! 😀 My final grade for the course is a 92.65 or a B which I will gracefully (and gratefully) accept.

Time to press onwards to an introductory study of the Old Testament (Genesis through Esther). Whew – two courses down, 10 to go. I may finish before my Social Security kicks in…


3 thoughts on “Grades, Grades, Grades

  1. Congratulations: Professors don’t hand out grades in the 90s without having been earned!
    Thank you Mary – it is much harder than I imagined, but I enjoy the work and I love learning! Hugs to you.

  2. So what happened to the days when anything above 90 was an A??? Doesn’t seem fair! Anyway, congratulations!
    I think they changed the rules once I got there! Thanks!

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