Puhleeze Don’t Go…Puhleeze

Last Friday I had the suitcases out, the cooler was in the kitchen ready to be packed and EmmaLou the Golden Destroyer knew something was up.  She didn’t want to leave my side all day Friday.  Saturday morning I was getting the last minute stuff done upstairs in our bedroom and wondered aloud where trusty canine companion had gone.  Devoted Spouse caught my attention and pointed downward — little puppy girl was under the bed.  She thinks if she’s under the bed skirt no one can see her.  Poor little doggie.  Nobody loves her — her people are leaving her.  Awwww.

EmmaLou looked so pitiful, I couldn’t help but smile.  She just has such an adorable way about her — here she was hiding with crusader rabbit (minus his ears) by her side to keep her strong.  If she could have jumped in one of the suitcases, don’t think she wouldn’t have tried just that.  I tried to coax her out from under the bed with numerous nummy nummy treats but EmmaLou is too smart for that trick.  She wasn’t coming out for anything short of a full size bone filled with peanut butter and I was only offering tiny treats.  I always think it’s rather mean to trick the little girl into doing something I want her to do which she doesn’t want to do merely by appealing to her constant hunger.  But I do it anyway.  I coaxed and coaxed and EmmaLou wasn’t having any of it.  She was going to stay right where she was.  I would have to get out the big guns.
“EmmaLou…wanna go for a ride??”  She started to creep out from under the bed.  We both knew the moment of truth had arrived.   She fell for it yet again.  She conveniently forgets that sometimes a ride in the car leads to the kennel.  I imagine as we arrived at the kennel, she was thinking…”how did this happen?”    I’m thankful she has such a short memory.


3 thoughts on “Puhleeze Don’t Go…Puhleeze

  1. Poor EmmaLou! She just wants to be with Mom and Dad. You could be like us and have a dog and a cat travel with you most of the time. They don’t go to a Kennel when we go on a trip they can’t come with, our Son (27, single) babysits for us.
    EmmaLou is big enough she could count for both of my animals 🙂

    Cute pics of the poor baby hiding out.

  2. Lucky you to have a babysitter — I have a friend who has offered to move into our house whenever we need to get away and leave EmmaLou behind — I just feel bad taking advantage of her that way — she has no idea what a handfull EmmaLou can be! Maybe I’ll find a Winnebago under the Christmas tree this year and trusty canine companion can travel with us…Sigh…

  3. How funny. Who ever says that they aren’t smart, surely doesn’t know what they are talking about…
    I know we humans often treat our pets as if they, too, were human — but c’mon she ACTS human most of the time. She can be so perceptive it’s frightening. Then out of nowhere she poops on the floor. Go figure.

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