What is Leaking?

Yesterday Devoted Spouse and I were on our way to Wally World to pick up a few grocery items for our upcoming getaway.  As I was cruising down the road a little white car passed me.  On the side of this car was a logo from our local cable company, Time Warner.  What really threw me, though, was what was lettered on the back of the car.  It said:  Plant Leakage Vehicle. 

Now in my world the word “leakage” conjures up all kinds of nasty images of things weeping, or seeping, or otherwise oozing out where they shouldn’t.  The word “leakage” makes me think of diapers that don’t contain all the matter they should contain, or hazardous toxins leeching into our water basin.  Not a pretty picture.

What puzzles me is what the words “plant” and “leakage” have to do with a cable company?  It’s cable, not toxic sludge, but cable that’s buried in the ground.  Does it contain something that can leak?  What?  And why would a cable company building be termed a “plant”?  What are they doing there?  Secret military experiments?  And since this sign was on a car, that leads one to think there may be more than one “trouble” spot.  Is there county-wide “leakage”?   I tried to speed up and catch up to the car so I could maybe flag down the driver and ask him what the sign meant, but he was in a hurry and I can only wonder if he was on his way to a reported “leakage” somewhere nearby.  I don’t know if I can sleep tonight wondering about this.  This could be a real health hazard.  If we have “leakage” I just know there are two-headed cows right around the corner.

So, Devoted Spouse and I are off for a few days of R&R before my next class starts.  We’re heading once again to the hills for some peace and quiet, a hot tub, wine, and lots of stars.  I’m actually taking the laptop with me, but I’m not so sure I’ll be able to get a Sprint signal.  So if you don’t see any postings for a bit, don’t fret.  I’ll be along in a few.


4 thoughts on “What is Leaking?

  1. I can think of one explanation: some time ago I witnessed what I considered an odd sight. A fellow clad in some form of what appeared to be a cable company’s uniform and carrying what looked like a complicated aerial, was walking between two rows of houses, turning the aerial first to one side of the street and then to the other. I surmised he was seeking the source of an illegal drain of the company’s cable use.
    Thanks, Mary – I think you have the right idea – I thought of something along these lines, too – but it was so much fun thinking of all the things that COULD be leaking!! Cheers, Linda

  2. hope you and D. S. have a great time on your trip. I’m trying to talk Hubs into going somewhere soon as I am tired of the trips to nowhere for work.
    Hey baby – we just hit town and I don’t know how a mini-vacation can tire you out–but I’m pooped! Must have been all that heavenly relaxation!! Get out and enjoy life kiddo! Cheers, L

  3. Hmmmm, most odd!
    Sounds like something one would see in a good sci fi movie..
    Bet that you are having a nice break.
    It certainly made me wonder! Yes, the break has been glorious – but my newest class is loaded and it’s time for me to start crackin’ the books again! Hugs, L

  4. The quiteness can either be refreshing or deafening!
    It took me a little bit to get used to it! I love the country – gorgeous trees, strange crawly furry bugs, outdoor (legal) fires, deer, dead skunks, and no cell coverage — it was grand! 🙂

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