What’s Green, Skinny, and Has Big Eyes?

Hey y’all — as EmmaLou and I went out back for her after-dinner constitutional, this is what greeted me on the deck bench…

He was so cute – he turned his head and looked at me as if he was ready for his close-up.  I wished I had a better camera than this little digital job — it didn’t do him justice.  I could have sat on the deck step for hours just looking at him — I’m not a bug enthusiast by any stretch of the imagination – but you have to be appropriately amazed at the wonder of them.



Okay – for those of you waiting for school news…I turned in my research paper last night – YIPPEE SKIPPY – what a bear that was!  Devoted Spouse proofread it for me and I was glad because he found some glaring errors — that’s what happens when you are too tired to do your best job.  I don’t know how many times I had read over that paper and still I missed several big errors.  I have been an editor in my past work life, and I always pride myself on my excellent proofreading skills — in fact, I enjoy this twisted game of looking for errors in other media, those tv trailers at the bottom of the screen are good fodder for an editor, newspapers always have goofs, and when I’m feeling particularly peevish, I let my pastors know of mistakes on programs, hand-outs, letters, and general what-have-you.  I know — don’t judge — can’t help it; I’m a “mistake junkie.”   So it was especially humbling to have Devoted Spouse go over my paper, but his corrections were appreciated!

I also dropped one of my upcoming classes — I have found taking two classes takes up too much of my time.  For the past 8 weeks, I have spent most of my waking (and some sleeping) hours studying, reading, writing, and stressing.  That doesn’t leave much time to spend enjoying retirement with Devoted Spouse or quality love-me time with the trusty canine companion.  Plus, my pleasure reading has really slacked off and I miss that.  So, even though it will increase the amount of time it takes to obtain this degree, I’m backing off the schedule.  Okay – it also helps the budget a bit, too.  And in this economic nightmare as I see our retirement nest egg dwindling rapidly, it doesn’t hurt to stretch out this expensive education.

It’s raining cats and dogs here today and I’m off to study for one of my finals.  It’s a perfect day to curl up in my recliner, sip some Peet’s coffee, and review my notes.  Or I could play computer cribbage…

One thought on “What’s Green, Skinny, and Has Big Eyes?

  1. Like your bug pics, he is an interesting critter and not your usual find, at least not around my neck of the woods.

    Glad to hear you are gonna take it easier with school. It has sounded thoroughly exhausting for you so it will be nice for you to have more “me” time and family time so you go girl!
    yup – life’s too short not to have fun!!

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