In Computer Age, Exam Scores are Instantaneous

The scores are in on my final exams:

Apologetics:  87

Christian History:  100

This really surprised me as I thought Apologetics was going to be easy and it was a BEAR.  I thought the History exam would about kill me as the last 3 have been horrid – but the final was simply a replay of the other exams and guess what I had been studying?  The other exams!

YAY!  I can calm down a little – I don’t start my next class until Monday 20 October, so I have a week or so to relax.

I’m going to go open a bottle of wine now and celebrate!!

6 thoughts on “In Computer Age, Exam Scores are Instantaneous

  1. Congrats! Take your long needed and well deserved break.
    thanks baby – OK I’m goin’ to Barnes & Noble, drink coffee, and peruse periodicals! 😀

  2. See, look how well you did!! I certainly, though, understand your worry prior to all the exams. Yes, give yourself many treats. Frank
    Yes, Frank, I was my own worst enemy – I wasn’t concerned at all over one exam, so I didn’t study much and lo and behold the exam was a nightmare — I’m fortunate I got an 87. The other class I was totally freaked out about and crammed and crammed and studied all my past exams and I was so amazed that the final was chosen strictly from the other exams (which I had pretty much memorized) and I was finished with all 50 questions in 8 minutes and I got 100. Go figure. So I had some wine and some Good & Plenty’s and life is normal for a week or so! 🙂

  3. Dear morethananelectrician: No you are not, I am on my way to do the same……Apologetics? WT_????
    It’s okay, swee’pea…Apologetics is basically how to defend the Christian faith — I explain it in my page on what’s hapapening at school – but I don’t blame anyone for not reading that — it’s pretty boring stuff unless you’re a seminary student. 🙂

  4. Alright I got it now…us dumb folk needs some education.
    Nah – you don’t need no stinkin’ education…you should have read my page on what’s happening at school where I explain (patiently) what courses I’m taking and what they entail. Sigh…

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