The Light At The End of The Tunnel

Well today starts the final week of my first two seminary classes.  Two down, ten to go!  What an experience this has been so far!  I’m exhausted and I have my days relatively free.  I can’t imagine how difficult it is to take these classes and also work a full time job!  I’m glad I’m retired.

I passed my last History exam Saturday with an 88.  I’ll take it.  The big hurdle ahead of me this week is to finish my research paper (I need 10-12 pages and I currently have only a little over 3 pages!!!)  I need to study for two final exams; the one in my Apologetics course I don’t imagine will give me much trouble; I currently have an A in that class.  But the final in my Church History class is going to be a bear, if past exams are any indication.  All those names, dates, Councils, latin words…it makes my head hurt just thinking about it.  A lady I worked with once told me “Anything above a C is overachieving.”  I hope I can keep that in mind as I study for those finals.

So, if my postings are sparse or non-existent, please be patient.  I truly need to concentrate for the next few days – as always, I’ll be back!


3 thoughts on “The Light At The End of The Tunnel

  1. Congratulations on your progress so far…and best wishes as you tackle that research paper.
    thank you; how kind of you to comment! Thanks for visiting!

  2. We can’t all be at the top of the class all the time so cut yourself some slack. I envy you and in awe that you are doing this at our age. You are my idol. Spoken by the person that didn’t get a chance to go past 12 hours of freshman college since Hubby and I were both trying to go at the same time, while working 40 hrs/wk for me and 60hrs/wk for him plus a 6 y/o and a 3 y/o. Something had to give and it was my chance for school. Hubs had G.I. Bill paying for him, me we paid. Couldn’t afford it or the time for both of us away from kids.
    Regrets…one of mine, not finishing school.
    Hey baby – funny you should make the comment about cutting slack. I realized this morning that I am my own worst enemy with school. I agonized for weeks over a paper I did and when I turned it in I was sure it was only worthy of a C – today I found out my professor gave me an A on it — wow – what this tells me is I need to calm down and simply let Jesus guide me where I need to be, whether I’m writing a paper or in whatever I’m doing. So the dreaded research paper I’m working on right now is going well — I’ve taken a new attitude — stop worrying about it and simply do the best I can in the least amount of time (coz who has lots of time??). I am doing this because I, too, regret my early days not being able to go to school — I was poor in my early years and had to work – got married and every time I started school, Devoted Spouse would be transferred to a new Air Force Base, so my education waited, and waited, and waited. Now, I worry I’m running out of time and I think that’s what drives me the most. Oh well – I must get back to the dreaded paper. Thanks for your lovely comments – blogging buddies like you are what keep me going!! Big hug, L

  3. Congratulations so far on a job well done! School is tough, and your devotion is admirable, so pat yourself on the back, and go have a Cosmopolitan … just don’t set your martini glass down!
    Thanks, sweetie – I’ve got my eye on a luscious bottle of wine I’ll be opening this evening after I take my first final!

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