The Concrete is Here, Yippee

The good news is the concrete has arrived; the not so good news is it arrived before the sun came up.  Construction waits for no one (or no sun) apparently.  I had to counsel the good Concrete Jeff on why it was not a great idea to be pounding on metal stakes at 7 am on a Saturday morning in a residential area.  “Let’s use our indoor voices…”  God love him, he wants to get to work — heck he’s been outside my house since around 6 am – I was still asleep when he got here and started setting up.  The only way I knew he had arrived was as I stumbled sleepily down the stairs in search of caffeine, I noticed the front porch light had come on (it’s on a motion sensor).  Gaaaa – how can one work without coffee and light? 

The big green concrete truck pulled up — maybe ambled is a better word.  I’ve never seen a big green concrete truck up close — hmmmm they’re very noisy.  Emphasis on very.  Sounded more like there were big chunks of concrete in the belly of that truck and the truck driver hit a switch that activated 20 little men with pickaxes to break up the big chunks and toss them at the sides of the truck.  Really loud.  It’s now 7:32 am and I’m outside bundled up in my Eeyore hoodie with a big mug’o’coffee in my hands awaiting the arrival of the peasants neighbors with pitchforks and torches…

I’ll post some pics of the new porch maybe tomorrow – for now I’m just jumping gleefully that it’s arrived!


3 thoughts on “The Concrete is Here, Yippee

  1. Well, if ever a neighbor has kept you awake before, you just got even! Glad your dream come true and you will have the porch, just don’t get too excited and step before it’s dry.
    Oh yeah — guess this helps offset the screaming kids at the pool next door!! The porch is barricaded so no little feet will hit it for a day or two. Although I did consider leaving EmmaLou’s paw prints in one corner. Then again, new owners probably wouldn’t get a big kick out of that.

  2. I would have left those paw prints right where they were. That way, she would not only have left paw prints on your heart in years to come, but have told the world that she counted for something.
    You are so right, Mary, and now I’m sorry I chickened out — having her paw prints on the side of the concrete would probably never have been noticed by anyone but me. So I went to the hobby store and found a kit where you can put your child’s handprint in a cement-like stone to be used as a garden decoration or what-not — I bought a kit and I’m going to immortalize EmmaLou’s pawprint that way. The good side of this is I can always take that garden stone with me wherever we move.

  3. For people who do not order a lot of concrete daily, getting a truck çan be difficult. There are not usually a lot of options and the later in the day you are, the greater the risk of being bumped for one of the large concrete companies.
    that was explained to me and I understood — my neighbors thought the arrival of a massive concrete truck and its resultant ‘knockyourassouttabed’ noise at 7:15 on a Sat morning was akin to breaking a law, and having Concrete Jeff out there putzin’ around at 6:30 when it wasn’t even light yet did not make them happy. Ya can’t please everyone!

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