Welcome to My Stupid Day

I’m studying for my test, but I need to do something else for awhile – ahhh a blog post!  My mind hasn’t been fully functioning lately; I tend to wander and that just gets dangerous.  Online shopping has captured my attention once again, so I’ve taken the credit cards and put them farther out of my reach. 

Today is housecleaning day – I have a lovely lady who comes to clean every other week and usually brings her “crew” (her son and his girlfriend).  Today she called me early wanting to come over sooner than usual.  So I hightailed it upstairs to get some clothes on and scrape some spackle onto my face.  Changing the routine really threw me off — I think I’m a creature of habit.  Housecleaner Gretchen had parked her car in the driveway behind Devoted Spouse’s car – and her son had parked his car behind his mom’s.  I got into my car and started backing out the driveway — careful not to sideswipe Gretchen’s mirror, and watching out for the large green trash can that Devoted Spouse had so kindly deposited at the end of the driveway on the other side.  Well, I just didn’t look enough places at once.  Oh, I missed Gretchen’s side mirror and I came nowhere close to the trash can – but I bumped right into the front of Gretchen’s son’s car.  Oops.  Fortunately his car sustained no damage and mine just got a couple of smears of white paint on my bumper.  But it really irked me that I did that.  

Now I’m safely at home ensconced in my favorite recliner with trusty canine beside me, a cup of hot tea on the table next to me, and my voluminous class notes next to my cup of tea.  It’s time to get back to studying — I need to take my test Saturday.  Wish me luck!


One thought on “Welcome to My Stupid Day

  1. On-line Shopping Bail-Out is going to be taken up next week in Congress…SPEND, BABY, SPEND!
    My sentiments exactly MTAE – I figure now is the best time to max out all the credit cards because you know credit card bailout is just a heartbeat away – all those stupid people who think they have money just because they have checks left – DUH…

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