Get a Life, Paris

After filling my head with historical and theological facts and ideas, I took last evening off to watch mindless tv.  Let’s just establish the fact here and now that I like mindless tv.  It helps soothe the raw nerve endings in the brain and lets my middle-aged neurons catch their breath.  Anyway…at bedtime I decided I’d make one more casual swing through the channels just in case there was something even more mindless for me to consider.  There was. 

The illustrious heiress Paris Hilton has a new show on MTV called something like My New BFF.  (Forgive me if I don’t get this 100% right; it was late, and I was already numb-minded.)  I missed the beginning (more’s the pity) but came upon a group of giggly, push-up bra’d, overly made-up, tarts-to-the-max (with a few suspicious males thrown in) all in what I think was an effort to become Paris’s new Nichole Richie.  Lame premise, even more lame participants, and yet somehow I was strangely drawn to the proceedings.

Having seen some of these “girls” summarily dropped from the competition via a text message from Paris, we are now taken on location at one of CA’s local airports where the competitors line up in an airplane hangar.  Paris faces them with a couple of her stylists (one of whom is named Richie Rich and his appearance simply defies my attempts to describe but I suggest his “talents” would be better served in a carnival or circus than the real world of fashion).  The trio parades up and down this line of best friend wannabes discussing extreme make-overs; potential hair color, make-up, and clothing (preferably tight and form fitting).  To their credit, a few of the contestants flatly refused to have their hair colored from one extreme to another; one Asian person was asked to have her/his hair dyed platinum and wisely declined.  Of course, if one is not willing to do “anything” for one’s new best friend, what’s the point? 

I spent 10 minutes of my life, which I will never recover, watching this vacuous display.  Mindless tv is one thing; this pitiful pursuit of fame is another.  What were the parents of these girls thinking?  What happened to Paris’s revelation following her stint in jail — did I just imagine her professing a desire to “help humanity”? 

How soon we forget our experiences and our epiphanies and how soon we return to our pathetic money-driven little lives.  Sometimes I think someone should take a gigantic earth saw and separate California permanently from the rest of the country.  Okay, at least that section of California containing Paris Hilton with all the other LA, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood contingent included.


3 thoughts on “Get a Life, Paris

  1. I wish that she would just go away. Paris wouldn’t have a clue how to help anyone with anything since she has had everything given to her on a silver platter and has not had to struggle a day in her life, her joke of a jail sentence included.

    I grew up in California in L.A. and Hollywood is a world all of its own. Not all Californians are that shallow, honest.
    I know that – but the celebrities just give the entire country a bad name and I’m so tired of their whining and their greed – particularly those like Paris or the Kardashians – their shallowness just irks me something fierce.

  2. I second everything Delaney said.

    Why won’t MTV just go back to being Music Television? At least they brought us some substance back then.

    And Paris: If you can’t help humanity (like we really believed you), would you at least please just retire or go live in a night club or something.
    hey sweetie, you just c’mon over anytime you want to vent!! 🙂 I loved the old MTV, too. Sigh…

    Whew, now I feel better.

  3. I totally agree about that vacuous airhead Paris..sigh…
    Yes MTV used to show awesome videos back in the 80’s and maybe 90’s(don’t know as I didn’t watch it much in the 90’s)
    It seems that one only has to be rich to be featured on TV these days..lack of talent is no problem.
    For mindless TV I watch reruns…
    Friends, Will and Grace and Seinfeld figure prominently…
    Sad there are few sitcoms that are worthy of merit these days…
    I’m with ya sweetie – Will and Grace always crack me up and everybody knows laughter is the best medicine!

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