Pics of Construction

Okay because you asked.  Here are a few pics of the porch being constructed – it’s really just a front stoop, not a real porch. You can see from this pic there is no protection for the front door; no overhang.  I also threw in a pic of the house w/the original front stoop – but you probably can’t see it because it’s not the best picture to view that section.  Sorry – it was the only one I could find.

 I would love to have a real porch, but this house just isn’t designed that way unfortunately.  I’d like to figure out how to add some type of cover over the front door because as we’ve found out in the last 6 years we’ve owned this house, the weather is just beating the heck outta the front door and all the wood around it.  Plus, it’s not nice having someone standing in the rain waiting for me to open the door – but I don’t know what type of cover would look okay with the architecture of this house – and frankly, I’m far too cheap to hire some architect to redesign the front areaway.  So, I’ll just finish up replacing the concrete in front and be done with it.  This job also adds another step up to the porch as the original riser was just too high.  So these pics reflect where Concrete Jeff finished as of yesterday and hopefully he’ll be back soon to pour the actual concrete.  Wouldn’t it be funny if he never came back?

house w/original concrete front step

house w/original concrete front step

the new front porch and step ready for concrete (I hope)

the new front porch and step ready for concrete (I hope)


4 thoughts on “Pics of Construction

  1. This is very “clean” project.

    You could do an “A” roof with siding that would match the dormer on the second floor or use the same kind of metal seam roof like you have on the other side. I personally think the “A” option is the best, but you may not have room between the windows you have over the door and the second floor window to fit a 3/12 roof on there. You could use some 4X4 fluted metal columns to hold up the whole structure and some faux columns against the house itself to match the real ones.

    Just a thought…sorry to ramble.

    Feel free to ramble at any time. I appreciate the input of someone who obviously knows more about this subject than I. Thanks for the idea, I had something like that in mind, too, but I also worried about the size of it. I think it would take more money than I currently want to put into this house – remember, we’re both retired now and living on military retirement and investments which I am rapidly spending on school, so money is a big issue here. Next project is hiring a guy to refinish the deck – then we move to inside projects. It never ends…

  2. Love your house! The stoop, porch, whatever you want to call it is shaping up fast. Should be great when it’s done, hopefully for you that is soon so you can use it.
    thanks sweetie – i talked to Concrete Jeff yesterday and unfortunately it’s going to be a few more days because we’ve got some rain going on here and it needs to be nice and dry for the concrete to cure. I had a feeling it would take longer than a couple of days and I was right. 🙂

  3. Have you thought about awnings? It would protect the front a little from the sun, wind and rain. Of course, you will have to replace it from time to time, but awnings are good for a little shade and spares surfaces while taking the beating themselves…
    now that’s a fabulous idea, why didn’t I think of that?? I don’t know how my house would look with awnings, but there’s a house a block away that uses them and they are gorgeous – not the old fashioned metal slat kind; these are a lovely fabric. I’m going to have to think about this one. Thanks. Hugs!

  4. Dear Linda,
    Your house is lovely, but I know what you mean about having some cover. We have a lovely white porch for both floors on the front of our house…..its just great for the things you talk about and in the summer I have it jammed with flowers, hanging baskets, a little table and chairs, etc. I am to do the same upstairs but never get it all out. Anyway I will try to take a picture of a couple of houses here that are like yous and they have a 2 story alcove surrounding the door and it goes up over the window. Could be very nice and expensive!! But if I get it taken I will send it to you. Hope all else is okay by you! FrankThank you, Frank and I would love to see pics of houses with alcoves to help my feeble brain imagine something that I can do which won’t entail a second mortgage! Life is good, if a bit hectic with upcoming finals and huge papers due soon – ahhh the academic life! Hugs, L

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