The Adventures of Concrete Jeff

Yesterday evening and today we are thrilled to host our very own reality show, Front Porch Survivor, featuring Jeff, our friend from church who works in the concrete industry…hence the name Concrete Jeff.  Presented in HD.  And, no, I don’t mean High Definition folks, I’m talking about Hard Demolition. 

You’ll see neighbors appear out of their homes like dynamited fish coming to the surface of a pond.  Experience the shock and awe of the gigantic jackhammer as it attacks at least a half-ton of “builder standard” cement slab porch material, chews it up, and spits it out.  Watch people gather at the front lawn and stare at the humongous pile of gravel sitting out in the middle of the street.  Let’s all look at Concrete Jeff as he hauls wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of busted up cement pieces and hurls them into the back of a dump truck – hey, that could be another reality show in itself!   Such excitement!  Who’s got the popcorn?

Okay, enough.  It’s noisy, dusty, messy, but a fact of life that sometimes a front porch has to be dug out and replaced.  In this case, our front slab had cracked all the way across and it was an unsightly mess.  Enter our friend at church who works in concrete out at the base — no he doesn’t work IN concrete…he’s in the concrete business and for grins (and a few bucks) he also does some minor concrete work after hours.  So — note to Devoted Spouse: As you take EmmaLou on her first walk of the day Saturday, don’t step out the front door or you will get a very big surprise and probably a busted ankle!

Smashing concrete sure looks like fun, but this is one job I’m going to leave to the professionals.

2 thoughts on “The Adventures of Concrete Jeff

  1. Just think about how nice a new front porch will look and if the crowd gets too big outside, set up a lemonade stand and make some money to go toward the cost of the porch, or break out the lawn chairs and charge admission to the sideshow.
    You just have the best ideas! I could use a few extra bucks these days…

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