Yawn, yawn, yawn

I can’t seem to make up my mind if I’m going to be an insomniac or not.  Such indecision.  One night I’ll get some sleep; the next I’m up most of the night wondering how on earth I can get my noisy mind to shut the heck up so I can rest.

The other night during one of my ‘it’s 3am and I can’t sleep’ episodes, I came across an interesting magazine article on insomnia.  This article suggested that one of the reasons I can’t fall asleep is I have too many unresolved issues on my mind.  The best solution is to get a notebook and right before bedtime, write down all those pesky bothersome issues and get them off your conscious mind.

I’m not that big on journals — oh, I love the actual books — that comes under the heading of office supplies and I am addicted to office supplies.  I frequently buy journals and notebooks and other writing accoutrements…I just don’t use them.  I have a lovely supply here in my crap room should there ever come a disaster or an emergency where people need journals; well, I’ll be out there on the streets handing them out by the dozens. 

Anyway…I love the books but I don’t relish writing my innermost thoughts on paper where someone might stumble upon them.  I vividly remember as a young person my father discovering my diary, reading said diary, and then telling me “Never write something down on paper that you don’t want the world to read.”  I didn’t have the world’s best father, but that’s a story better left for another day.  His statement, however,  has stuck with me throughout my adult life; hence, the hesitation to write in a journal.  But — if writing down all the daily nonsense of my life will help me sleep, I’ll try it.  So off to my local supply I went in search of just the perfect composition book to use.

I found a nifty little blue composition book with dots on the front and I grabbed my favorite Bic and proceeded to start what I am calling my Gratitude/Attitude book.  I figure if I’m going to complain, I should also take a moment and count blessings in the hopes that one will offset the other.  And guess what?

The first night of this exercise I slept rather well; only awakening once.  The next night I once again jotted down everything I was worried about that day; homework I hadn’t completed, an upcoming test I wasn’t prepared for, a family member I was upset with, an unexpected bill.  I got all this stuff off my chest, so to speak.  And, again, I slept pretty much through the night.  Amazing.  Could it be this simple?  Tonight is my third night of this exercise and I’ve got some great stuff to unload in this journal today!   I think I’m on to something here.

3 thoughts on “Yawn, yawn, yawn

  1. Wow. Who would’ve thunk it. I too have a 100 journals. All with about 3 pages filled.
    The last one always starts out, “Wow, it’s been a year since last I wrote in this…Today however we’re starting a new habit.”

    Luckily I don’t have trouble sleeping, but I’ll keep this in mind.

    I get a kick out of some of my many starts to journals: “I really don’t know what to say, but I’m starting this journal anyway.” I rarely get past that first sentence. I think my biggest issue is that most journals are simply too broad – It’s easier for me to write specifically, not in broad generalities. Thanks for your visit. Linda

  2. Isn’t interesting that a lot of people who blog, writing words in a public forum, have trouble writing down thoughts in a journal? I too have lots of journals including a beautiful one that my Hubby bought for me that is leather bound but has not one word in it. How can we be so public yet have trouble with the actual written word on paper? Who’da thunk?
    For me it has something to do with the relative anonymity of the blogosphere so I can tell the world anything and I don’t realistically expect to hear these things repeated behind my back at church or some function I might attend, although come to think of it people I go to church with also read my blog, so that sort of blows that theory. With a paper journal, there is the chance someone in your household may come upon it and give in to the temptation to read it, so your words better be appetizing because you may have to eat them. I dunno – it’s just easier for me to write on my blog. 🙂 L

  3. Great idea! I, too, have numerous journals I bought as motivation to write those thoughts down. Didn’t happen, and like you said, I definitely wouldn’t want anyone to read them if it had!

    Getting your mind clear before you sleep sounds comforting, though … like you’re spilling your issues onto the page just until morning, at which time you will take them back up again. Nothing lost overnight, but after a good rest, the issues have to be a little less overwhelming … I would hope!

    Great way of putting it, Carla — I’m spilling out my issues for the night. I’m not guaranteeing that I’ll take them back up again, though, that sounds too much like work to me. 🙂 Linda

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