The Refrigerator Saga

During our recent weather-related power outage, I thought the shock might put the old refrigerator into its final death throes. As you know,  it has been acting spastic for some time — the freezer would be cold, then the temp would drop and I’d have squishy packaged meat (nothing says salmonella like thrice frozen chicken, ya know?).  The ice maker went on the fritz, the miracle water-providing-thingie suddenly quit.  Little problems.  When the power went out Sunday, came back on, and then went out for several days, I imagined this was a sign from above — euthanasia for my refrigerator.  I could put it to sleep by not plugging it back in when the power returned. (It had to be unplugged since it was sitting in a pool of water and well, water and electrical outlets — not a good combination).  Imagining a lovely new appliance in that very spot helped me through the tedious ordeal of not having electricity for days.  Something good would come out of this nightmare.

During his time away from a powerless laptop, Devoted Spouse, took on a head-to-toe (wait – refrigerators don’t have toes) makeover of the refrigerator.  He completely scrubbed down, disinfected, scoured out, de-furred (oh yeah, there was entirely too much icky dog hair behind that appliance) and generally made that side-by-side wonder shine like it never shone before.  He spent hours –  actually most of a day — working on this appliance. 

When he finished the cleaning job, it was like the heavenly choirs were singing praises —  the refrigerator was immaculate.  When I saw how nice and new it looked, I had a sneaking suspicion it might start working again.  The power returned, Devoted Spouse plugged it in, and I set the thermostats.  

It took awhile to get cold, but those five shelves of iciness are now registering at a lovely 1 degree.  The frozen garlic bread is no longer bendable; the ice cream sandwiches aren’t oozing out of their cookie shell; even the frozen veggies are stiff as a board. 

But wait —  I had a new refrigerator/freezer all picked out at Home Depot — the one with the french doors and two bottom freezer drawers in stainless steel on sale right now.  Did I mention it’s on sale right now?  

Sadly, sometimes we simply need to freshen up what we already have and make do.  Now about that dining room carpet…


4 thoughts on “The Refrigerator Saga

  1. I am waiting for the washer and dryer to die. I want the new use less water, wash 15 pairs of jeans or a quilt front loading wonders that cost what a car used to back when we were kids. But the dang things won’t die. I’ve tried to help them along but sadly they are still alive and kicking, drat their hides.

  2. D – I feel your pain – I want a new w/d too, but the old ones are still hanging in there. Why can’t we just win the lottery and be done with it? Cheers,L

  3. The cleaning did the job. It does need air and the unseen dog hair can get in there on the coils and cause issues due to the restricted air flow. It is the same with home AC systems when the filters aren’t changed.

    Apppliance Repair 101…

  4. MTAE – I know you are right about the cleaning! As for the crappy air conditioner — Devoted Spouse is almost religious about changing air filters, but all the filter changing in the world isn’t going to save it — I’m just praying it holds on a few more weeks so I can put off investing in a new one until next year! For now it’s making strange rumbling noises which can’t possibly be good. L

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